Fix Tax Woes with the TAXWHIZPH Mobile App

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Bea Binene, one of GMA’s brightest stars is the new face for the TAXWHIZPH Mobile App. It is an all in one app that provides taxpayer assistance inside the app. It does automatic tax calculations, updates your tax calendars and the thing also files tax returns electronically.

Mon Abrea, author of Got A Question About Taxes books and person behind TAXWHIZPH App

Tax Whiz and expert Mon Abrea from Asian Consulting Group says “I do sincere and real content and even if my followers are a few, they are game changers, senators. We are a social enterprise ready to help the clueless or people who are given the wrong advice. This is the time where we need to work together. You just have to approach our associates and you’ll get help from them and the government agencies. When it comes to business we all want to save from taxes, through legislation we should take off renewals, just pay and make it easy to do business. Whoever you are, doing it in mobile services should suffice, looking forward I hope government agencies would help. Here, we even adapted a 4 day work week. People now have more time with family, even some work at home just as long as deliverables are met. Productivity is on top, honesty too, it includes people, it includes you. You don’t have to fear paying taxes or start something new.”

He also lauded Bea and says “Not all celebrities do that but she did it personally. It is important that people do not fear it.”

The app also captures information on receipts to extract TIN numbers, name, address, date and amounts. Your returns can be filed through it so you get seamless processing of your papers. Soon, they will also include mobile payment options so you can transact with partner banks. The app also assists you in choosing the specific form you need in order to pay the correct taxes, generate and prepare your return documents. If you also plan to put up business, they can help you decide income and business tax procedures plus Asian Consulting Group’s publications and monthly seminars. It also reminds you of deadlines so you pay the right amount of taxes when it’s time to do so.

Bea Binene says “Aside from acting, I also am into business. Mix and Brew Coffee just launched a few months ago. We have our own blend, local ones and international ones. We are armed by coffee science, our baristas are also skilled and we are in popups and soon we will be in a mall.”

She adds “I started in a franchise expo, I met him (he was a speaker) and thought he’s an expert in taxes so it was nice to see them in that place. They personally assisted us and they explained to us everything. We feel BIR is the enemy, but they explained where it goes, when and where receipts are issued. To know when it is VAT and NON VAT, to claim and encourage people to collect receipts and save a lot in taxes. Now I have peace of mind, even though I don’t have a big business yet. It is better to be safe rather than end up with cases against BIR on TV for the whole world to see. Here in ACG you will see how you can do it legally, there are resolutions to tax issues and their advocacy is real.“

Go download the app on the App Store and Google Play then subscribe to the service today. It would be but proper that you start paying for your taxes and if all you need is proper guidance, you can start with this app. It’s also completely free, all thanks to ACG and their partner government agencies Filipinos now have a place to go to when asking questions about taxes!


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