ASUS ZenFone Pixelmaster Grand Prix 2019 to be Held in Three Cities

Friday, March 08, 2019

It looks like you’re going to like this huge event by ASUS ZenFone as they hold the Pixelmaster Grand Prix this year in three cities. It will be in Manila on April 27, Cebu on May 4, and Davao on May 5, because photography and street enthusiasts can up their game with the latest mobile phones from ASUS ZenFone.

You don’t even have to pay a single dime because registration is free, you just need to being your ASUS ZenFone and walk the talk as you take street photography a try on the dates mentioned. Register on the link above today and get your creative juices flowing. I’m going to use my ASUS ZenFone Pro M2 for this to make sure I win prizes LOL.


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