Aicelle Santos is Back in the Philippines

Monday, March 25, 2019

We have all been missing her. It’s been a year since she had gone to UK and did Miss Saigon’s Gigi Van Tranh. She’s Aicelle Santos and she’s back in the Philippines.

Aicelle says “Doing Gigi was very personal journey for me, she taught me a lot about myself as a person and being an actor. I wasn’t in my comfort zone, being away and far from home made me think about the important things in life. It made me cherish family and friends, it made me more independent. Whenever I open a show for any musical or concert, I am really nervous, but it was so good to hear them applaud, I felt that surge of power. I am the same me but I just learned to wear a bikini, it was a holistic experience. Living alone was hard, homesickness is real, but it reminds you why you are there. I am glad to go home and do this musical show on GMA.”

About getting married she says “It felt so nice to be here, to hold hands, to walk in a mall and simply just do boyfriend and girlfriend things. The long distance relationship wasn’t really hard, one year went by so fast, the only thing weird about the distance is touch, but we waited. We also surprised each other twice. The experience doing that made me realize things, it is a blessing, I even learned a lot in my solitude.”

Aicelle will be performing in Ballet Philippines’ Tales of Manuvu, the local production showcasing the culture of the Manobo tribe in Mindanao. It is a pop rock opera ballet and will end on March 31st. She will also be part of successful show Studio 7. She will also do the role of Elsa in the Himala: Isang Musikal by Sandbox Collective and 9Works Theatrical Group. They have received several standing ovations in that project and she is very grateful to be part of it.

She adds “I want to live in the moment and embrace life. I want to thank everyone who supports me, and to the Lord who continues to guide me in this path. Here’s to creating more music and marrying the man I love!

Aicelle would like to thank her GMA Artist Center family, her sponsors for the short luncheon Sapporo Noodles, Dentiste and Aficionado Perfumes.

Make sure you watch out for her as her star shines brighter this year!


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