Dingdong Dantes Endorses Persian Avenue

Friday, March 08, 2019

Shawarma, Pita and all things nice about the handy snack from the middle east has bitten the Filipinos like a bug, and it’s spreading. There are tons of brands in the market and it is continually growing, one of which is a family owned business with humble beginnings. Brothers RJ and Paulo started with a 100K capital and took their beefy masterpiece for a run. They usually are put up in areas where there is high foot traffic and maintained it affordable despite market issues, now they’re gunning for more and needed a good representation of who they are as a company. This is why they got Dingdong Danes as their first celebrity endorser.

Dingdong says “Thank you for the trust, I am really excited to see how I will fulfill my duties as the face of Persian Avenue. My experience shooting with the ad was fun, I heard their short story, how they hands on they are and the whole family how they gained success by giving quality food, run by a family that helps each other, I believe in that. Their pita bread, their beef, perfect quality. I am the third endorser, these two owners are the first ones, I promise to do great helping you promote the brand. I literally ate the beef which was supposed to be a material for the shoot. It’s fun to see my family getting big, I am taking care of that. Thank you for being here to witness our partnership, I plan to also have a franchise.”

Rj and Paulo who owns Persian Avenue says “Before we got Dingdong, we only thought of him for our brand. We witnessed how he has been in show business, his integrity. Marketing might have a challenge but with him in the helm, it could only be him, it’s a no brainer how we got Dingdong as our endorser. Our team was very excited, our pictorial had a different feel, when I saw him holding the beef pita, I realized how lucky we are that we are now branded. We have 44 stores but we want to have 150 before the year ends. The business was good in the supermarket areas but we wanted to expand and we have uncovered a lot of struggles and we listen to people, we do act on it and solve it like a family. From our managers to service crew, our success came from them. The name stands for shawarma and wraps, it is our best seller, but we always do it with a Filipino twist.”

Persian Avenue is available in leading malls, stalls, shops around the country. Visit their social media channels if you want to get a franchise, I heard business is still good. There were franchisees during the event and they attest how hands on the owners were. If that’s the case, no wonder they are successful!

Looking forward to eat more Persian Avenue stuff tomorrow!


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