TweenHearts Stars Start DRAGON LADY Series

Monday, March 04, 2019

Dragon Lady will have a Filipino Chinese twist, so there will be sub stories in between the main characters. This is where Kristoffer, Bea Binene and Derrick Monasterio will come in.

Mainly it was appropriate to see them in one soap and it will be a cinch to have physical resemblance to their future selves. They have had a long wait to do this and acting maturity wise, it is different now.

Bea says “It was just a week before the shoot when I got the role. Artist Center told me how great the story is and we will be opening the show. This is easier because we didn’t have to gel anymore, they are my long time friends. They tell me to cry, I do it on the spot because it is easy to work with friends. I get more focused. They have distinct qualities I like,I can’t choose, they are good actors. I cannot think of a day without them. As friends, we have become matured. Now we talk about business and investments. The bed scene wasn’t too much, it is just a scene with skin. I had to turn my hair black again, I had to make arrangements because people will notice if I have hair color.”

Kristoffer Martin says “In Luna Blanca we were kinda playing, having fun, I always pull emotions from Bea. I didn’t have much scenes with Derek. Bea and I are so much of bestfriends, we do not even think of malice.”

Derrick Monasterio was pretty game and said “I do have malice when it comes to Bea, because she’s pretty and sexy. She always likes to get praised lol (he kids). When we were kids we didn’t think about things, we just wanted new things, new stuff, but now we think of the house, the bills, small things really didn’t matter anymore. “

So after watching the series this afternoon after Eat Bulaga, how did you like it? 

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