Jason, EA and Paul Happy at GMA

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

It was a fun bonding time with GMA stars Edgar Allan Guzman, Jason Abalos and Paul Salas. The three obviously have hailed from another station but it’s nice to see their careers flourishing as they get really good projects in their new home. Seeing them happy, I felt their joy because they got to do unconventional roles, much different because GMA creatives definitely have been experimenting a lot on their shows. This formula has been so effective in their afternoon and primetime shows, which they note has to be consistently done all throughout the day (hence the coined afternoon prime).

EA says “As soon as I arrived here I already have a project with them on Dragon Lady this coming March 4. I transferred and got Korean Jagiya, Step Daughters, I am looking forward to very challenging roles and go to work to do different things. I love doing things that I do not usually do and GMA does that. It adds spice to the soap, it makes you eager to go to work each day. I do not have Mandarin training, but the most difficult is to do executive work. I make her day hard and it will be to a point when I fall in love with the Dragon Lady. I have been paired a few ladies but if it happens it happens. Artist Center sees me as a versatile character actor. I like Shaira Diaz, Kris Bernal, Sanya Lopez, they are all good. There are only minimal adjustments, I have to worry about the network and how I work with them. I want to do work like what Ken Chan is doing, I can offer my self in different roles and do it well, I can sing, I can dance too. I also want to see maybe exposure in other things. My advice to newbies, to pay respect to seniors, to initiate to say hi and introduce yourself before work. I distinctly remember a lot of young stars in GMA because of that. Here, I want to give my best and do great in portraying my characters and I know, I can do it like they know it.”

Jason Abalos says “I was really excited to see how the viewers accepted that role, I needed to be a woman, not gay. Totga was my first then Asawa Ko Karibal Ko. I feel it broadens our range as artists, we see our limits and go past that. I am a family man, a doctor and you will see that in our show. I want to work with the best in the industry, I want to be here longer. I want to even work in management if that works. GMA lets me showcase my talent, maybe I could thank my previous work as I have engined professionalism. I make sure I do not waste another persons time. I want to just work, I have done a lot at work, I am not expecting, I am glad it comes very often. I want to be remembered as a great actor, to remember my characters. I don’t even remember my names sometimes but they do. I hope people watch STOLEN where I would work with Sophie Albert, Max Collins and Mark Herras.”

Paul Salas says “I will be coming out in Kara Mia very soon, for how many years, this is something that I am looking forward to. It is an honor to be part of something difficult to shoot, I see Barbie and Mica on set. I don’t know what will happen with the pairing. I feel I am home with them, I have worked here when I was a kid so I am quite familiar. I can do action, drama, not just stay cute, I can sing and dance. I remember seeing this as fun, but I know this has to be all taken seriously, it’s our time to do it right and just hear people know I am a great performer too.”

EA will be on GMA’s new show Dragon Lady, while you have to wait for Jason Abalos in Stolen, whilst Paul Salas is currently on hit show Kara Mia. These happy campers deserve their breaks and it is good to see GMA is taking care of that.

Can’t wait to see them on their new shows!


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