Kara Mia Premieres February 18

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

This takes courage to do but GMA is still dishing out very experimental shows especially this one which they plan to do on primetime. It's called Kara Mia, based on a medical condition called Craniopagus Parasiticus that is said to be a condition of having one head and two faces. Although in this instance, it is caused by impregnation of a mythical creature and a human.

The director read this with fresh eyes as the previous one had shelved this project, to them this is style and media bending which is very challenging. They enjoyed doing it a and hope you enjoy watching it. 

Barbie says "This is not easy to shoot because I have to make sure I move right on a specific height and wait for them to do the same with Mika. It takes hours to do this in real life and I get some sleep in between takes. I couldn't sleep because Jak is a little talkative, see Mika even attests to it."

Jak says "It just that I arrive in the set when I have already had coffee so I get to have extra energy, disturb her a bit because I don't usually sleep on set."

Paul adds "The most challenging part is when I have to be like a Playboy, I still have to research that. No I am not like that in real life."

Mika says "We are love square not triangle and in the beginning I will have feelings with the character of Jack. It takes the right people to be in your best condition and so far I feel everything is so unexpected and I feel so lucky. Nash and I are very happy, he talks to me and teaches me the ropes. I am inspired to do more."

Carmina says "I didn't know how this would be done because when I read the script it was overwhelming and really not easy to execute. It is also my first time to work with most of the cast and probably, I have my twins so they think of me when there are twins on the project. It is time consuming, sometimes I have to talk to her nape, unlike in the past where I talked to ghosts."

Kara Mia premieres on February 18 so if you're up to more fantasy, drama and a bit of humor, go watch GMA's newest offering because they're only hope is to change your viewing habits, to not only taste adobo, but also other dishes on the table.

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