The Good Performance and Looks of ZenFone Max Pro M2

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

It's time to consider solid phone performance and good looks, this is the new Zenfone Max Pro M2

Blogging everyday takes so much work and if you were in my shoes, I'm quite sure about 80% of you would quit doing this because of the sheer amount of articles you would need to dish out as soon as an event or launch happens. I am well equipped, with a huge DSLR and a powerful laptop computer but most often than not, it is a bit of a chore to actually carry it around the whole day when locations of events in Metro Manila change like shirts in a hot afternoon. 

A solution would be using a powerful phone that would be able to do the same things as my DSLR and host apps or software that I need for blogging. I currently use an iPhone but it just runs out of batteries too fast as it doesn't even last the whole day. I also use a different Android phone that takes wonderful photos but it just heats up too much when I'm editing videos or playing games every once in a while. It also runs out of batteries too so my solution is to carry a huge powerbank that weighs a ton (I might be exaggerating a little) but it won't work now that I have a back issue and my bag is pretty much always full. Carrying a phone that performs as needed, something that looks professional, something that makes you exude confidence, it's a job for the ASUS ZenFone Max Pro M2. 

The ASUS ZenFone Max Pro M2 has 1.95 GHz Octacore processor and 4GB of RAM at Php 12,995, (also has an 6GB version at PHP 14,995) all of which can do tons of work, fast and efficiently. The 64 GB storage can last you hours worth of photos and videos, you can install apps without worrying too much about what's left because it is expandable. You can put additional SD cards and chill, runs on Android 8.1 Oreo and can last you for hours on because it's powered by a 5000 mAh battery. I have tethered this all day during my recent Singapore trip and it was unbeatable. 

Taking photos was a cinch, it's colorful, pretty easy with its own editing options or via other photo editing apps. It performs at par in low light conditions, the selfie function takes you to real good looking depths and doesn't look plasticky when internal beauty features are enabled. 

It also remains as one of the most affordable at PHP 14,995, which in any standard is good for a entry-mid-range phone out in the Philippine market. The Snapdragon 660, large ram and long battery life can last you a long time even if you're playing games all day. After all, that's much of what I use this for also, for War Robots, Ragnarok, Hello Hero, and a whole lot more. 

You better consider this when you're ready to play! It looks absolutely good too, perfectly fit for executives who still want to have fun and photography on the side. I know, I enjoyed it a lot!

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Note: ZenFone Max Pro M2 comes in 2 Variants that are 4GB/64GB and is available on Shopee/Lazada for PHP 12,995. It is also available at 6GB/64GB on ASUS/ZenFone Shops and accredited multi brand partners for only PHP 14,995. It is also available in 2 Colors Midnight Black (4GB and 6GB) and Cosmic Titanium (6GB only).

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