Brewed To Order, Good Milk Tea at PRESOTEA

Tuesday, February 05, 2019

PRESOTEA has just set up shop at Robinsons Magnolia's second floor. I thought it was going to be another run of the mill Milk tea shop but no, the difference is, the way they actually make each cup. What do I mean? It stems from the name of the shop, "Preso" is from the term Espresso which is the machine they use as they brew the different teas they have in the store.

This brand from Taiwan makes sure your tea is brewed as you order, done fresh pressed on the machine (which they had designed specifically for this use) much like when you prepare espresso on it. I have favorites but I am gearing more on the fruity varieties they have on the menu. They have a lot of choices and for those who are no fans of sugar, they have liquid stevia too. But I don't think it is too sweet to begin with. Because it is freshly prepared like that you can still genuinely taste the tea leaves. I love the black tea based ones and the roasted Japanese rice varieties which are also best sellers.

I ordered the drink they call PPJ Milk Tea which stands for Pearl, Pudding and Jelly. If you are the type of trying to skip lunch or a little hungry, this thing will fill you up in no time. I felt full, because this will surely satisfy those who love toppings on their tea. Their teas also come in two sizes, they also cook the toppings on the spot by batches so you are sure you get it fresh everyday. 

They also have ample amount of seating on the side of the store, so if you want to hang out with friends or family, you're more than welcome to do that!

This is the Signature Fruit Tea Fusion, a dream concoction for me and my fruit loving taste buds. It is very light, very refreshing, so if it's too hot outside and the air conditioning isn't enough, go and get this one from PRESOTEA. It's also got fruit bits, passion fruit seeds which I adore. If I were to name my favorite, it would be a split decision between this and the Japanese Milk Tea Macchiato.

Now go rush to this newly opened branch at the 2nd floor of Robinsons Magnolia and quench your thirst with this good Taiwanese treat available now in the Philippines. You can also order this via Honest we because it's there too! You deserve the best of course!

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