The ASUS ZenBook 13 UX333 Burgundy Red and How Your Valentine Dreams Can Come True

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

This week was awesome, not because I was just in a vacation but I got to spend much needed bonding time with my Mom in Singapore. I'm a travelling man, straight from the can. I also work in any place just as long as there is internet connection so I do require a bit of computing power that can do regular office stuff, photo editing and a little video on the side. 

ASUS has come out with their ZenBook line and it has been one of the most sought after notebooks this side of the world. With it's powerful hardware equipped to liken most office capable laptop computers, it presents so much more being the world's smallest 13", 14" and 15" laptop computer, plus it is considerably the lightest too in form factor. While other hardware would suffer mostly in other brands, they maintained to fit everything in this ZenBook including a 3D IR camera up top of the screen. Now they also have released a 13", 14" and 15" version in Burgundy Red, in one of the most fashionable looks they could ever dish out of their coffers. The new color would be perfect for female executives, power dressers, even men who fancy this color too without sacrificing their needs of a capable laptop computer to do general office work, video and photos, while being so handy all throughout the metro or their travel destinations.

ASUS ZenBook 13 UX333 Burgundy Red

This has got an 8th Gen i5 chip (for the 13 inch) but has an 8th Gen i7 chip for the 14 and 15 inch ones and a 8 GB of RAM. It has almost the same hardware as recent previously released ZenBooks but just differs in the paint job. Metallic and concentric in the front and standard finishing underneath, it looks expensive when I took it out for a spin. At 0.55 inches and about 1.2 kg, I bet you can carry it around with ease even with just the laptop sleeve. The keyboard also has backlights perfect for those dark nights you often slave away typing for deadlines. The HDMI ports, USB A and USB Type C 3.1 ports, transfer of data from devices would be a cinch. Now if you're fond of spreadsheets, you need a viable solution to typing numbers right? Well the new ZenBooks has number pads on the actual track pad which lights up like magic when long pressed for a second. The thing also lasts a long time detached from its power cable, you could carry it around and it'll feel like a tablet at times, but you're really getting the whole deal. 

Now for the lovers out there, ASUS is giving you a once in a lifetime opportunity to get something really special this Valentine's day. It won't be for YOU, but your special someone. Go visit the ASUS Facebook page and look for the pinned post. You may read the mechanics and follow it to get a chance to win a brand new ASUS ZenBook for them. Just go to and tell your story on the original post here, then attach your photo on it. Make it the most romantic thing you've ever done for someone and who knows, you might just win that laptop of your dreams!

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