Amazon Holds Global Selling Expo-Seller Bootcamp

Saturday, October 16, 2021

If you've heard of Amazon and have no idea how it works (especially if you're planning to sell there), we're in the same boat. Recently, they held the "2021 Amazon Expo -  Seller Bootcamp" aimed to introduce micro, small and medium enterprises to a more global e-commerce platform and how the Amazon framework can help build a business with a worldwide audience.

A recent survey comissioned by Amazon Global Selling marked the Philippines to have the highest number of homegrown sellers compared to other ASEAN countries. This accounts for a greater number of Filipino MSME's that have no access or opportunities to do cross border business, amidst the high demand of online shopping in online channels, apps, through digital models. Mr. Bernard Tay, the Head of Amazon Global Selling in Southest Asia says "The Philippines currently has a very young but fast developing e-commerce industry. MSME's in this region need to develop understanding and implementing cross border operations and international logistics. This Seller bootcamp would be a great opportunity especially for small businesses so they could identify gaps in procedures and arm themselves with the know-how, assets and network that would be able to bring their business to the world through Amazon."

They have gotten over 1.3K MSME's that have registered in the bootcamp which is a virtual event that spans 3 days so they get to listen to experts discussing subjects such as cross country payments, how to ship, taxation, flow of prospect customers and complexities of marketing. This was done after data was released from Cross Border E-commerce Awareness and Perception Reports that embodied over 1,600 MSME respondents coming from Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines wherein they pinpointed a lack of information in cross country e-commerce. This sector was also forecasted to grow by 30% in 2026 which is why they want to equip them through innovative programs that would help them grow into a global business and adapt to the digital transformation every country is going through. Challenges include supply chain and logistics, costs, and competition versus other international sellers in the Amazon platform. Amazon is in the process of building a state of the art fulfillment and delivery system that does Fulfillment by Amazon (which they have done in other countries) so the company picks it up, packs it and ship, and also provide customer service for the products they sell. Logistics providers were also invited in the bootcamp to explain how it works, how it is managed and tell them how to take on these challenges. The Philippine MSME's puts this as their top concern, then their readiness.

Amazon has built resources for MSME's in the region and around the world so businesses could expand easier. Combined with the efforts of each industry stakeholders and governments of each country, they've continued to grow together with their seller partners. This will be a good accompaniment to their current Seller University nad hundreds of tools and services present in Amazon's channels around the world. Look it up, it may just be your time to shine!


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