100% Organic Supplements by PascualLab's WellGreens

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Our lifestyle is certainly different and these days, getting the right amount of nutrition is a little difficult especially if we're busy and not plan meals. We don't really think about what we take in and for that, we take supplements.

Our friends from PascualLab (who's celebrating their 75th year by the way) recently launched WellGreens, a new premium and organic line of products aimed to be your partner in good health. It is in capsule form made with different ingredients like Sinta (which helps lower blood sugar) Mangosteen+Malunggay (for weight management, lactation and better immune system), Lagundi+Cuban Oregano (for moderate cough), Turmeric (to reduce inflammation, lessen muscle sores and pain from osteoarthritis), Ginger (To ease migraine, dysmenorrhea/heavy menstrual bleeding), and Ampalaya (to lessen blood sugar levels and risks of cardiovascular disease). These are made by Leonie Agri Corp which is a PascualLab subsidiary. It is also made with 100% organic ingredients which are grown in the largest organic farms in the country. Leonie Agri Corp has been certified organic by USDA and EU Organic. Locally, they have been certified by the Department of Agriculture (for good agricultural practice), the FDA (for good manufacturing practice) and the Islamic Dawah Council for Halal which ensures you're getting a product with high quality standards. 



WellGreens is also being endorsed by well known actress Alice Dixson whom we all know takes her healthy lifestyle seriously. She says "If you've followed my career, I've been in commercials before I landed roles on TV and movies. I have always given importance in working out and eating healthy. I'm a mother now and I still make good choices when it comes to my health, WellGreens came to me at the right time!"

If you want to make the right choice, go check out WellGreens at PascualLab's official Shopee and Lazada stores. Start here! https://shp.ee/nhj7jcthttps://shp.ee/nhj7jcthttps://shp.ee/nhj7jct


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