BEKO Comes Out with Washing Machines with SteamCureHygiene+

Thursday, October 07, 2021

Beko Pilipinas Corporation is now launching a new product, their new washing machine line and the feature called SteamCureHygiene+. You see, there's a lot of sweat, dirt in our clothes and it can affect your health. Cleaning up clothes prevents that from happening and Beko is now this particular feature has been approved by Allergy UK standards which means, you can trust BEKO with these in their products.

Gurhand Ganal of BEKO says "We are more conscious of hygiene and our safety. Technology is important and we have exciting news this afternoon. It's time for us to choose what matters to us most. The steamcare washing machine keeps clothes 99% allergen free. Keeping it clean and safe."


SteamCureHygiene+ uses steam in softening which starts before your wash cycle. It's easy and convenient to use, intuitive, you don't need a scienctist to use different functions. You spend less time in washing clothes, less time for ironing because when it's done, there's less wrinkles. It ensures cleaning and better benefits of steam. It makes it smooth and easy to iron out. Hygiene+ makes sure temperature and cycles that adequately kill bacteria, a perfect combination to make our lives safer and better. Beko models available are WCVV10746M, WCV9746, HTV9743X, WDB7425R2W, DH1044RXD and the DA8111PA. Costs 47,990 to 27,990, priced very attractively especially if you include the discounts and freebies. Mostly all of these are inverter models also, so you get to save a lot in electric consumption every cycle. They offer 12year warranty for the motor, they're quite confident about the products. They have a model that can carry 10KG which is by washing machine standards, is huge!

Aside from discounts, they will be giving free products which will happen only on holidays. So if you're looking for a washing machine/washer, get that Beko! I think the cheapest one is on this link , so enjoy!


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