Doing More: Deputy Speaker Loren Legarda

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

The 2022 election will be extremely important for the lives of approximately 104 Million people. Aside from the obvious need for immediate pandemic response, relief and restarting of businesses, sectors heavily affected by the economic stresses of the situation should be addressed. It includes the sectors of education, addressing poverty, the micro small and medium enterprise, child labor, the environment, climate change and those that affect the lives of people. After all, the legislative body has a primary role in creating laws, Deputy Speaker Loren Legarda did this for over 18 years in the Senate.

Several laws she made being implemented nowadays include Free College Education, Magna Carta of the Poor, the MSME Law, Child Labor Law, Climate Change Law, most of which has been done during her term.

On her FB page, she recently released a few videos which include testimonies from real people.

I think that's noble and with the accomplishments, she's got a good grasp of what a Senator does. She wants to do more. But would you consider her to be one of you bets this election? 

That's your choice.


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