TJ Monterde and Korean Singer YELO Release New Single "Little Things"

Monday, October 25, 2021

Looks like TJ Monterde is going places as he just released a song he collaborated with South Korean Singer/Songwriter Female Artist YELO called "Little Things".

TJ says "This all started with a call from my label and asked me to listen to it, and I loved it right away. I knew I would love to sing this song, but it took me a great amount of time writing the story for it. The melody was just so beautiful! My contributions was mostly on the lyrics, the overall story. It was remarkable to see how we had been able to work in producing this song."

Artist YELO debuted in 2018 with her album "Swim in You" and also does covers on YouTube. She says "I had an impression that TJ's a great singer. I knew right when we started that he really enjoyed the music. We had to send each other messages, like we we pen pals. He's a very talented musician, very popular, and I felt that it was an honor that I got to work with him."

Recording took a lot of file exchanges from Wild Grass Studions in Quezon City (where TJ recorded his parts) and Monotree Studio in South Korea (for YELO). This single is produced by South Korea based MonoTree Korea and will be released through PolyEast Records. Go stream it on all digital platforms and see the performance on YouTube. You'll love what TJ and YELO brought to the table. Go check updates about it on PolyEast's social channels.


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