AIA Philippines Introduces Total Health Solutions

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

To develop products that keep up your ever changing needs, AIA Philippines wants you to live it. In order to have healthier, longer and better lives, they are now introducing AIA Total Health Solutions.

In a virtual forum this morning, AIA wants yo to know that you can get protected no matter what your health starting line may be. It's AIA's latest innovation, Cheif Marketing Officer Leo Tan says "From the time I wake up til I fall asleep, I earn points in the AIA Vitality app. I often check my policies also on the app. Total Health Solutions can help you buy vitamins, ordering meicines, lab requirements and teleconsult with doctors. Easy access to your healthcare needs is not just a one time relationship, we are your constant partner, so you can have healthier, better lives."

Total Health Solutions is your time to stay healthy. In it, you have a personalized solution all in one platform.

In the event, Will Dasovich also got us to follow a few procedures and shared how he did overnight oats. Milk, Oats, Honey, Chia Seeds put in the fridge, Toppings go before you eat it. You do this before you sleep and eat it the next day. It's quick and easy, and very healthy. By the way, he also reiterated that customers can also consult with a nutritionist on the app, overall total wellness, yes, they've got that covered.

Kats Cajucom the Head of Health and Wellness of AIA says "AIA Vitality encourage positive change and we actively ask our customers live healthier lives through this app. The app now has features and incentivize it with choices you make every day. Members can now earn points in the food tracker, have health assesment, encourage you to get enough sleep, even COVID vaccination, all now has equivalent points so you can get perks when purchasing in partner establishments. AIA also knows Filipinos love to take photos of their food, you can submit them in the app before you post it on social media and hopefully, get encouraged to eat healthy as well."

Ten Paras and Paolo Valenciano discussed a few things. Pao says "Going to work and being around people, you are unsure if you're gonna get COVID, it adds to fear and live events during this pandemic was greatly affected. I started taking vitamins, get physically active, walk everyday, run as much as I can. At home, we try to be more creative and spend more time with my daughter, do the extra effort with our time. We improve healthier lifestyle, ensure financial preparedness, even if there are emergencies, we have to make sure we plan for a more secured future.

Ten adds "Savings can get affected with accidents and death. We need to be at the best of health. It's better to be one step ahead and be prepared with life's uncertainties. In these situations, we have to be sure our mental state is also healthy. Spending time with family, financially prepared for everything so we get peace of mind even if the worse scenarios happen. Hope this allows us to just focus on recovery just in case we get it. AIA has different products for protection, health, life, and there is a right one that can protect you. The all in one product is available for the public, but there is a comprehensive plan that can also grow your savings. It's called AIA All In One Plus which we will be launching soon. I always tell people that the best insurance for you is the one accessible. We give you the right product, the right platform to monitor your health and one that can cater your needs. The AIA Vitality app promotes healthy lifestyle and gives incentives to healthy behaviors. You have AIA platform that simplify your experience looking into different products, so you get a total health solution ecosystem so you get protected by AIA Philippines."  


Gary Valenciano joined in and he says "I'm learning a lot in this event. I am more motivated to be in a health track. It's been common to hear stories, it's challenging mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. The way I live my life, I'm being surrounded by good people. You get to see their vulnerability, we talk, even friends, they go through life. It's important to have people speak life to your life. When my health scare happened, I had a little more extra in protocols so I stay healthy and preven myself get sick. I had to shift gears so it doesn't happen again. Getting used to things that are mental, the cuts, the wound, it was a difficult recovery. Mentally, it was even challenging because rehab wasn't even going good, but surely they said 3 months, I was already performing live and on stage. It would have been easier if I had peace of mind, I was able to reach out to those who could help me, from medical teams, my wife, my family, they were able to make up to whatever I lacked in my mental state. The support from people who are there for you, it'll become easier because of them."

Brand Ambassadors Nico Bolzico and Solenn Heussaff adds "Luckily we haven't had any health scares, but my Father had one. It was a difficult month, but aside from that it's all good. As a parent, we panic fast, you're never concerned when it's not there. We think of ways to look for help, prepare so you know what to do. You have to focus on your child, look for treatments she needs especially when hospitals aren't the same anymore. Having a game plan is good, it's important to get consultation, where to get it, how to get it so they can guide us so you can focus on getting better.  

Total Health Solutions currently has Avega, regional passports that enable cross border health care treatments in Southeast Asia, HK based ones soon. Zuelig Pharma has a suite of health solutions so you can have diagnosis and treatment, medicine deliveries for prescription and over the counter meds. Soon they will also be offering discounted rates for vaccination. If you are an AIA Philippines customer, just access it to the health tab of the platform and choose teleconsultation and go to the EZConsult platform wherein you can be diagnosed, consulted by a doctor, even deliveries of medicine. They will also have discounted rates for COVID testing and vaccination, something that we need today.


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