Sunshine Cruz is the face of THIOCELL

Sunday, May 19, 2024

Celebrity Mom, actress, entrepreneur and supposed vampire Ms. Sunshine Cruz was just announced as the face of the new THIOCELL Lozenges. This is manufactured by Brady Pharma Inc and comes in a lozenge form. This is made by the same people who produced different dermatologic and cosmetic products, and is part of the aurolab group. This new form makes it easy for people to have it carried around, take and absorb better making all its contents beneficial as t contains Selenium (anti oxidant), Vitamins C (for good bones, cartilage, skin and blood), Vitamin D (for reduction of inflammation), and Vitamin E (against aging, arthritis and better eyes). They've spent 7 years of research and clinical trials before releasing this into the market, and Sunshine has personally tried it (not to whiten, but the benefits and nutrients she's getting from it).

During the press conference, Sunshine shared how she's been through a lot of sun exposure because of the nature of her work. She says "I absolutely trust the people behind THIOCELL. I love to sleep and stay at home, but if the work would require me to go to locations, I keep an open mind to take one everyday to make sure I get daily allowances I need. Together with that, I work out, I box a few times a week. I also work on my self, always with self love. If you expect people to love you, you have to love yourself first. I also do facial procedures when I feel the need to. I also have a very simple skincare routine, basically just removing my makeup, cleaning up with soap and water, then moisturizer or non oil based lotion in the especially in the eyes because that's where people see you age. Plus lots of sleep, because if you lack that, you will see it on your skin. My kids probably followed it while they're growing up, they see me take care of my skin when they were growing up. If they have small blemishes, I tell them what to do to take care of it. They're all girls, and I think it's an advantage if their Mom is a little vain. I don't want to see my kids not taking care of their skin."

She also brags that taking THIOCELL is easy because you can do it anywhere, any place, any time. She might have a lot on her bag, but makes sure she has space for it whenever she needs to go out. She also takes it every morning. THIOCELL has done the legwork and spent a lot on R&D so you could take it safe and fast, even at home. Here's the press conference a few days ago:

It's got research to back it up, so if you want it, you can get them today at WATSONS stores, Mercury and various pharmacies/stores nationwide!


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