Back to Back with BEKO and Hitachi Appliances

Thursday, May 09, 2024

It's a nice day to celebrate comfort at home with two of the most impressive brands in home appliances, Europe's number 1 BEKO and our favorite, ever reliable Hitachi.

Arel Atakol the Regional Director for Beko Asia Pacific welcomed us and said "I would like to tell you a few things about Beko. Our new line of free standing cookers, and our new jewel Hitachi Refrigerators and Washing Machines. Please feel free to check out what we have in our showroom. By the way, we have recently acquired Whirlpool EU, Russia and Africa. New brands means we are getting stronger. Hitachi is also the leading Japanese brand in the PH. This gives us a strong presence in the region, we hope to have your help to continue and introduce us in Filipino homes."

Signature Series in both gas and induction versions

Becca Aguilar from Beko Philippines adds "We all love to cook, to eat and want a Beko cooker. Throughout history, the way we do things has changed the way we keep and cook food. Beko is one of the largest manufacturers of cooking appliances. Last year, we have been able to get 4.6 Million orders, and since food and family is important in the Philippines, we know Beko can improve the cooking experience in every household. Our Signature Series has Gas Safety Device that automatically turns off when things happen, it also has a multi glass door for safety, it also has a telescopic pull out shelf so you can take food out with ease everytime you need to cook. Our Pro Style Series can even do more especially in the modern kitchen setting. It has highly efficient burners, accommodate cast iron pans, multi function ovens with twin fans, consistent flames, a rotisserie and digital touch control. You can choose models that have what you need in the kitchen because Beko has different types and features. The top cavity for much of their new stand alone cookers are electric grills, but other ones can function individually as ovens.

Here's a short tour of the showroom this morning!

For those who don't know, Arcelik Hitachi has over 50 years of experience in appliances across the globe. They live by quality especially for refrigerators because they want detailed designs, efficient products coming out of their manufacturing plants. They want convenience and ease which is why they made it automatic to open and close refrigerator doors (the new models). Their appliances make food stay fresh, by the power of vacuum. It also keeps nutrition in, energy efficient and operate on low noise. The dual fan cooling also makes it efficient in consumption of power and keeps your refrigerator cool longer. It also has a fresh select case so you can keep fresh products or meat fresh. 

Hitachi also has washing machines, front load or top load, the Eclipse series is angled for easy and convenient use. It has hygienic programs to make it easier for you to wash your clothes, the machine maintained, and help prevent molds. It also eases work overall because clothes turn out with less wrinkle and less tangle after drying. 

If you're looking for new home appliances, Beko and Hitachi has a lot to offer. Go follow their social channels for more information about their products and see why Filipinos and other countries trust them.

With BEKO, you get more what you pay for!


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