Success Both Ways at PUREGOLD Sari Sari Store Convention 2024

Friday, May 17, 2024

It was packed to the brim, with people coming from all over the country finding deal after deal at the recent PUREGOLD Sari Sari Store Convention 2024. This is part of Puregold's 20th anniversary celebration which they fondly call #Asen20Tayo (or AsensoTayo), a challenge that they have been doing these past years because they know if you become successful entrepreneurs, they also become successful too. I bet you haven't seen anything like this in the country because almost 120 brands and companies joined in to being their best and super affordable products so YOU can get only the best deal from Puregold.

Ms. Susan Co, the Chairman of Puregold Price Club Inc. says "Our lovely partners, guests, ladies and gentlemen, and fellow Ka-Asensos, a happy morning to all. Today, we bare witness to the start of the biggest and grandest Puregold Sari-Sari Store Convention 2024. This also marked the 20th year of our most successful program called Tindahan ni Aling Puring which has always made us win in our respective businesses. Our new call for "Asenso Tayo" holds so much value for every one of us here today, because it's not just mine, or yours, but ours. It's been a hard couple years during the pandemic, but by doing what is necessary to create networks, this inspires us to push even more during the most difficult times. Over 900,000 members, a strong number of micro, small and medium businesses that have worked so hard to sustain lives. We are not just PANALO, it's something we all should live by. We will continue to innovate so we could help more businesses thrive. Because of our ties, we are all winners! We will be here to support you all the way!"

Here's a glimpse of the event yesterday!

Congratulations Puregold! No wonder you've continued to win the hearts of the Filipinos!


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