Over 2000 Ka-Pandas Onboard with foodpanda

Sunday, May 12, 2024

Those who rumor mongered a few years back might be biting their lips a lot by now as foodpanda concluded their onboarding caravan for hundreds of delivery partners, providers, and logistics personnel in Pasig City. This was after a very successful one that was held in Pasay City.

They also stand to benefit from different bonuses and perks that will be given to them as qualified partners, and Ka-Panda fleet. Mr. Ron Sanders the foodpanda Logistics Rider Experience Lead says "foodpanda continues to provide livelihood opportunities for folks who want flexible work while we  get to increase and enhance our delivery capabilities and better our customer experience for all."

He adds "These are 2000 Ka-Pandas and partner fleet members we've opened up as riders, bikers and even walkers. Different individuals who also have other careers and backgrounds. Some do this part time or also have other platforms. Others make this their primary source of income, but still give them lots of flexibility in work or work hours. We are so glad to have them onboard!"

In the event, they also have Rider Support Express to help with existing partners who may have a question, concern of two. They will be doing this in different cities via pandaPatrol: Hub on Wheels where they get to directly give help in different regions. They also get to give training sessions for those who recently joined and provide needed safety and delivery training. Some receive Bamboo Rewards and have them exchange it for foodpanda merch, a welcome perk aside from their insurance and health support for Ka-Panda partners.

Surely, there will be more of these soon in other areas. If you wish to know when and where, make sure to follow their social channels and download the app as everything will be announced there. 

Congratulations foodpanda! Cheers to more opportunities for your Ka-Pandas from here on!


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