Shot in SEOUL: KELVIN MIRANDA and KIRA BALINGER for "Chances Are, You and I"

Friday, May 03, 2024

There are still a lot of stories to be told and this one is both romantic, heartbreaking at times, and could pull heartstrings. It also talks about love, friendship, taking chances, and dreams... this of which will be discussed lengthily in this movie by Pocket Media Productions Incorporated. This stars Kelvin Miranda and Kira Balinger, some of the country's most promising stars.

A Little Backgrounder:

This is the first project of Director Catherine Camarillo under her production outfit PM Productions Inc. This was during the pandemic, and when the franchise of ABSCBN wasn't renewed. This was a family decision, more or less, and since her daughter had this script for a while now, they wanted to do this specific one and offer it to streaming services pre-prod. The scenes were all shot in 2022, and a little during the latter part of that year because production ceased when restrictions came during those times. 

The film had to be shot in two locations, one in Manila and the other in Seoul in South Korea. It was mainly due to the look they wanted to portray especially during winter time, which they find perfect, and hellish when they got so cold after scenes were cut.

This is also the first time that Kelvin and Kira are being paired on screen, but they've got quite different first impressions when we interviewed them yesterday. It was essential for them to not only wear 3 layers of clothing, have heaters, and several heat packs underneath just to survive all of that. They were so grateful the crew from Manila and Seoul stepped up and made sure they were comfortable as arrangements were made during filming.

Director CC says "It was really the perfect weather to shoot in the snow because of the visuals. We might have had a hard time shooting because of it but really, I was so impressed with how Kevin and Kira held up in that temperature. They knew the vision of what we were doing and really understood the script. They knew their lines, so I really didn't have a problem with the scenes we had to shoot in Korea. I was happy how they really portrayed the roles, and I hope you appreciate how it felt during our teaser drop (check @catherineocamarillo on IG) because that is made with pure love, passion and hard work."

She adds "I may have had problems securing artists in my home network, but I told my staff I needed a new pairing. It was an audition, I pitched it with Kelvin and Kira then profiled how they both speak, or see how they could add to the characters/role they needed to do... and I appreciate how they interpreted it."

Director CC also holds several hit projects under her belt including "Halik" and "Wildflower" on TV. Her real orientation is film, so this is the caliber of what you're about to see in CAYI.

Here's our interview with Kelvin, Kira and Direk CC yesterday, please enjoy!


About Sol and Gabi

Kelvin says "My character was more or less an opposite of me. Sol is quite happy, with a loving family, and might have bottled up angst which would surface when he's dealt with a very huge scare later on. It made him look at life differently, but manages to deal with it like it's not a big thing. He takes these challenges easy, and learns from it. He's also quite adventurous and tough, a man's man and is fond of extreme sports which you'll see in the film. That's where he feels that he exists, and I think that's who he is in a nutshell."

He adds "Maybe I gave a lot to my character because I felt like an actor in this film. It's a big concept, and the trust given to me is no joke. I really felt like I was Sol when we made this."

Kira told us "Gabriela Sinag is a hard worker, she volunteers and is so bubbly... severely a person for others. Behind that, she's hurt, and will perhaps get through things with the help of Sol. That's where the fun starts. Honestly, I don't know if I'm crying because of the emotions or the cold, but it gives you a sense of focus so you could do the role and not just because of the environment. It was a different experience for me. The Korean team were so professional, so you really need to step up, and they take care of you. It was so wonderful with our short stay, it was memorable. Personally, I thought he was a bad boy because he was always wearing black, he had earrings, the works! He showed me that under all that machismo, he's a nice person and very devoted to his craft. He is such a giving actor, and it was so easy to work with him."

Flip a coin and take a chance in CHANCES ARE, YOU and I when it comes out in theaters this May. Official release will be done by Regal Entertainment in theaters nationwide!


It was such a joy to talk to Kelvin and Kira, and the stories of Direk may just be the tip of the iceberg. Hope to get to interview them about this film before it shows soon!


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