Kiana's "Sweet Release" to be seen at Gary V Pure Energy: One Last Time Concert

Friday, May 10, 2024

The upcoming Gary V Pure Energy: One Last Time concert that has been extended this May 10th will be extra special as his daughter Kiana will be performing her newest single called "Sweet Release" on the same night. The last time I saw Kiana performed was during the Avon event where she stamped why she's a force to be reckoned with on stage. She's quite unique, has a different set of vocal styles, and is pretty talented in songwriting too. This particular single though is co-written by Rosemarie Tan and Philippe Dela Pena, and made sure it'll be danceable, more catchy, which will be quite a feat to perform on stage on the 10th. 

Kiana attributes this to her best friend and stayed very personal, and wanted this to be more pop, done in Filipino, which she's been doing recently (so watch out for more Tagalog songs from this lady). Kiana says "With this recent Tagalog songs I've been making, I'm really having so much fun! If all else gets done smoothly, I might be able to release a few this year or in 2025."

Currently, Kiana is based in the US and has been successfully performing in different events abroad. She's been heavily cheered miles away by Mom and Dad, and still won a few awards in the PH.

Dad Gary is so proud of what she has accomplished and how she got to draw her own path in the industry. Her performing on stage in the concert would be a good time for him to bond, and miss her, he gets to perform with her while celebrating 40 years in the entertainment industry.

The May 10th date was just something that was teased during the April 27 date, as there were still a LOT of people who wanted to watch it. Proceeds from this will go to Shining Light Foundation and will benefit the needy through this christian organization. There's lots of things you can look forward to in the concert, which I can only describe as WORLD CLASS!


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