Friday, May 31, 2024

POKEVERSE, the premiere Pokemon themed event organized by fans for fans is happening today at SM Megamall Megatrade Hall in Mandaluyong City. Yesterday, we were able to interview Ms. Veronica Taylor, the original voice actor who did Ash Ketchum in the Pokemon series and Jason Paige, the awesome guy who sang the original Pokemon theme song. They're here for a meet and greet, so you could fulfill your Pokemon dreams from May 31 to June 2 (yes, this whole weekend!). 

Veronica was so nice, she was very accommodating and told us the story of how she was able to land that voice acting gig for Pokemon. Jason too was very friendly. I thought they would feel the welcome we Filipinos are known for, but I guess they do it excellently too. They didn't think this was going to be this big, it was work for them but eventually, they felt the cult following right after the first season. 

This brought them opportunities beyond their wildest dreams, to begin visiting different countries and expo's, their schedules filled up in no time. 

Today, it's your chance to meet them in the flesh! Head on to to get tickets to POKEVERSE and be the first ones to meet them at the event. Tickets may be hard to actually get at the venue as there would be a LOT of people there (lining up is challenging!). 

Here's the press conference in full:

Aside from them, Tim Yap, Myrtle Sarroza, Robi Domingo and Kirk Allen will be there to entertain you the whole day. There will be several events happening inside the venue, something they prepared for those who grew up with the game, your kids, even the parents who would be accompanying the little ones for the event. Discounts will also be given to selected cosplayers, but it will be very limited. It is highly encouraged for you to wear something Pokemon themed of course. I'd want to come as Snorlax but perhaps my trainer uniform would suffice, I've seen their merch and those caps would be a good thing to take home. (some are actually limited edition too for VIP's, make sure you catch them all!).

See you in SM Megamall later! I'll be there!


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