Celebrating 140 Years of Juan Luna's Spoliarium with LG OLED TVs

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Visited the National Museum of Fine Arts a few days ago to witness the celebration of Juan Luna's world renowned masterpiece, the Spoliarium on its 140 years of existence together with the champion of technology and innovation. LG Philippines.

Together with the administrators of the National Museum, LG executives and celebrities were there to witness LG's initiative to donate a total of 6 of LG's OLED TV's, including the models LG OLED AI B4, LG OLED AI G4, LG OLED AI C4, and LG QNED AI. LG has already gotten the No.1 spot in the world. The units were explained and introduced by the well traveled Drew Arellano, gamer Bianca Yao, athlete and host Gretchen Ho, and everyone's Kuya Mikee Reyes. 

Yeongwoo Park the Product Manager of LG Philippines adds "We aim to create products accessible to all. This year we have the AI processors designed exclusively for LG TV's which enhances picture and sound quality so you'll have an excellent viewing experience. With an exciting lineup, we have improving not just OLED but our WebOS content and services which is another foundation of what we offer. This is a media and entertainment platform will keep them up to date in the next five years. We are going to transform your home lifestyle experience, just like Juan Luna, we work hard in enhancing OLED and AI technology. We will continue to push boundaries and make our customers feel that Life is Good."

Nakhyun Seong the Managing Director of LG Philippines says "Enjoying art and history makes life good. It's the 130 year anniversary of the masterpiece Spoliarium. LG is donating to the Museum of Fine Arts the world's number one OLED TV to promote education and art. AI is becoming an integral part of technology and all our TV models brings this experience in our units. We are committed to the Philippines and the Museum of Fine Arts, our heritage, embracing the future."

Museum Director Jeremy Barns accepted the TV's and said "Our friends, colleagues, we feel wonderful partnering with LG in 2018 and now 2024. These 5 OLED TV's will be part of our displays, deployed to show the technology and objects of the museum and the works we do here to have impact of what we provide in the country. It's an ongoing challenge to have visitors, but we are able to take a step forward to reach out audiences and content now so we could have appreciation outside the walls of the National Museum of the Philippines. Come back, and we will appreciate if you keep in mind the museum and agencies if you want to serve the public. We express our deep gratitude to LG for helping us in our museum. A pleasant day to all of you!"


Here's a short tour of the National Museum on video, check out how these national treasures were displayed on the different LG OLED TV's they brought to the museum. We included the event and celebrities that were present during the occasion. Enjoy!

This is just one of the many activities that LG is doing across the country. These top of the line entertainment appliances bring their thurst of having "Innovation for a Better Life" in the forefront of every Filipino home. This isn't the first time that LG has donated to the same cause, and it will be used for information display in the National Museum and its different offices, for the greater good.

After all, Life's good!


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