CHIE FILOMENO is the Face of SkeenCare

Monday, May 27, 2024

ooks like Chie Filomeno is on a roll as she had us excited during the Glam and Glow event of SkeenCare, a new brand of personal care essentials founded in 2019.

Their story is so inspiring. Imagine starting with a 10K capital, venturing into reselling, then later having their own brand appearing in various online platforms. With the arrival of their premier peeling lotion, it catapulted them in the forefront of the beauty and wellness industry.

Aside from their peeling lotion, their current line of products include Sunscreen Creams, Lotions, (NEW!) Rejuvenating and Maintenance Sets, Healing Balms, Soaps, Deo Mist, Feminine Wash and Underarm Cream.

Chie says "With this new endorsement, I have no words but am extremely thankful for the trust. I know their story and about where they started. To be able to go through challenges and championing over it, they are now a force to be reckoned with in the beauty and wellness industry. They have given me a platform, us, to share what we can offer. I am also thankful to be part of their milestone as they celebrate their anniversary."
To take care of her skin, she shares the importance of removing makeup before you sleep because that's where the problem starts. She has a simple process, just cleansing, prepping the skin with toners, moisturizers for a youthful glow, and then removing make up at the end of the day.    

Also at the event was SkeenCare COO Lei Langamin and their CEO Nars Cabellero. Ms. Nars was a bit emotional and said "I know I'm not the perfect CEO, I do have shortcomings. I'm glad that even though we experience hardships in the company, you still believe how we all could work out things. Know that I come from a place of making sure you our partners, and the company would benefit both ways. This is al; for our success. This is me out of my comfort zone. I don't usually talk in front of audiences. You are the reason why I got my Dad to Japan, he mentioned how thankful he was of just being there. You are the reason why we are achieving our dreams, which is why we pushed for this anniversary celebration to happen. This is one way to thank you all!"

Behind the tears, the excitement of having a new endorser, this once small business is now flourishing. They also have new products launched which would make sure you get to maintain the good things you've done to your skin. The Rejuvenating and Maintenance Sets would certainly be a good skinvestment and  hope to help a lot of people. They will make sure it remains affordable and effective for years to come.
Congratulations SkeenCare!


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