Thursday, April 22, 2021


It was a fun evening to be with Pop star Julie Anne San Jose and the hunky David Licauco. They're having a new show startingthis Monday called Heartful Cafe and it was supposed to be shown on GMA News TV a couple months back, but they wanted it to be done on prime time now and on the main GMA channel, this is good news no?

Julie says "I am so glad this transitioned to GMA and is going to be shown in prime time. It only means that it would be shown to even more people, and I'm excited for them to see our story."

David says "This character is not so far from who I am in real life, I am a jokester, a simply guy who wants to have fun (a little bit of a player), just a slight difference in the family. But we almost do have the same characteristics."

Julie plays Heart who is a matchmaker in the series. David on the other hand is a little bit of a playboy, a little fresh and good looking so he gets away with trouble if he gets into it. We can't spoil much of the story because it would be better if you watch the show, here's part of our interview with them this evening. I like the other characters  portrayed by Jamir Zabarte, Victor Anastacio, Aira Mariano, Zonia Mejia and they will make this a little sweeter because they have their own pairs in the show.

Make sure you watch GMA Telebabad this Monday! It'll be so good you'll have a cup or more servings of this sow.


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