Choose Your Prize with Mentos #ChooseFresh Promo

Sunday, April 25, 2021


It's everybody's and my favorite Mentos on today's article, we're bring you great news as they launch their very first promo, but you'll be the boss and choose what prize you want! Sounds crazy? But it is true. 

I personally love the different fruity flavors of Mentos but have also grown to like the AIR Action and Spearmint flavors too. It kinda falls on what mood I'm on in different days and yes, I'm sure that I'm not alone when I say that it's been a huge hit for years that, you probably grew up with it. This promo that they're having is just a good way to remind you to CHOOSE FRESH especially this summer. It's pretty hot in here and the pandemic has kept us in cramped, tight spaces, we need something that can cool us down, to feel like we're on a vacation even with a simple thing as a piece of Mentos. It's also meant to be shared and honestly, I'm going to give away some of these to frontliners here in my neighborhood so that they'll have something to feel happy about, even for just a few minutes. I want people to feel they're appreciated at times when they feel like the world's about to fall apart especially in this part of the globe.



Up for grabs in the promo are choices between Potato Corner or Chatime Vouchers (for week 1), Prepaid Load of Pocket Wifi (week 2), iTunes or Netflix Vouchers (for week 3) and an 8th Gen iPad or Smart TV (on week 4). Now if you actually win the Grand Prize, your choices would be a chilly vacation in Baguio City's The Manor Hotel or Batangas' dreamy Acuaverde Beach Resort. Think of it, you'll get away and spend chilly nights with a cup of coffee in hand and a fireplace, or spend the whole day frolicking in the sand and swimming in the crystal clear waters off the coast. See what I said about being the boss?

To join the actual raffle, you need to buy any of these Mentos rolls then keep the receipt as that would be the convenient proof of purchase that you need to also include in the raffle. Go to their website and fill up the form, submit the required information and you're on your way to win the prizes I mentioned above. 

So now, you know exactly what to get when you're by the counter of 7-11 or groceries and stores nationwide. The receipt is important so make sure you do keep it handy.


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