BRIA Homes Showcases Astra in Calamba and GenTri

Thursday, April 29, 2021

It's 2021 and those properties in the south actually has become very appealing. The proximity to Metro Manila and the peace and quiet is really attractive for those who prefer a slight slow of pace or less of the noise in the city. Now it doesn't have to be all country and rustic when choosing a place of your own in these areas. Bria Homes for example did its own spin on their condominium units they call Astra Vertical Villages which will be in the local of Calamba in Laguna and the city of General Trias in Cavite.

For those who don't know, BRIA’s Astra Vertical Villages are mid-rise condominium developments which also have the characteristics of the same Bria Homes properties that exist in the country. It should be affordable, accessible and independent. What that means is that it's priced right, set in a community conducive for living especially if you're raising a family. Independent in a sense that you can thrive and live without the need to go to other densely populated areas in order to get essentials for your home.

Bria Homes Astra residents would enjoy their own clubhouse , swimming pool, gym, function halls and just about anything that the developer and HOA agree on. Albeit a lot different than the usual city occupied condo units, the homes are both modern and contemporary enveloped in green spaces, trees and playgrounds where your kids could socialize (sans pandemic). Astra Vertical Villages are also very near restaurants, malls, churches, schools, all of which makes it highly livable and perfect for those who are finding communities their wife and kids would enjoy too, especially young families.

BRIA Homes President Red Rosales puts this as a very good ground as they expand the Astra market and says “BRIA’s Astra Vertical Villages located in Calamba and General Trias will answer the need safe, secure communities and the comforts of modern living. Aside from that, it's exactly what families can start with or live forever in, plus it's affordable. People can really find this a good investment."

Go check out the homes at or Bria Homes, Inc. on social channels. You can also call 09398879637 and tell them you might have found your home.


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