VERTUX Pushes Heavy Online Presence, Now On Popular Shopping Apps

Saturday, May 01, 2021

Gaming peripheral and accessory brand Vertux was just launched last March. After arriving April in the country, it has then gained traction and people have been looking for their keyboards, mice, headphones, cooling pads, headphone stands and microphones in the market. Now, they're taking your requests seriously and in order to take their well loved products to the market, they now have set up shop in the most popular and reliable platforms in the market which includes their official stores in Shopee, Lazada, Zalora, Grab, Viber and their official website

What's good is that when they put their name on their products, they also went ahead and given it a 2-year warranty on all them. That right there assures you that if in case it breaks down for any reason of manufacturing it, then you can arrange returning it. That alone gives you peace of mind and the assurance that you're getting something that is worth every penny.

Some of the most impressive devices they have are the Vertux Radiance (high performance gaming keyboard), the Vertux Tantalum (100% anti-ghosting keys and can do custom RGB illumination), the Vertux Tungsten (one that has six customizable modes), the Vertux RaidKey (comfy mechanical keyboard), the Amber (ultra-fast, and has four modes of backlight). They also have Vertux mice like the Vertux Cobalt (which has six programmable buttons), the Vertux Dominator (in monochrome colors), the Vertux Sensei (USB-wired gaming mouse), and their premium one called the Vertux Assaulter (one with the best keys and chipset) so you always get ahead of your competitors. Pair it up with the Vertux Swiftpad-XL and the handy Swiftpad-L so you get the smoothest and fastest eye hand coordination skills you can do with the devices and accessories that can complement it. 

For better communication with your team mates and lesser noise from the outside, you can also take advantage of Vertux as they hafe several headsets that have noise isolation like the Vertux Havana. They also have microphones like the Vertux Denali which you can turn on and off with one touch. They also have the Vertux Malaga and Manila if you're going to be really serious about your games. They also have a pretty cool looking gaming headset stand called Vertux Extent so you can also put other accesories nicely on your table, to stay neat and tidy.

Now go ahead and see what you would like to be your partner with Vertux today on the online stores I mentioned above, who knows, you might just win that game you always had a passion about. This just assures you that you get quality ones without getting pricey on you. Visit if you want to know more!


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