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Wednesday, May 05, 2021

The woman behind Bonifacio: Ang Unang Pangulo, producer Rina Navarro

We wanted to know more about the brand but aside from that, we got to know more about the person behind it. As a person who religiously does routines for skin care, Unfiltered Skin Essentials sounds so great for me as they promise to have what I need to care for my skin and make it affordable. With premium ingredients that have been sourced in Europe, certified by FDA and countless individuals who have swore of its effects, one asks, how do they do it? Let's get into it!


Who is Rina Navarro?

She's a mother of 4, a former Viva Entertainment boss and a movie producer. She also started the "I AM HOPE" organization (NGO) with beautiful actress Bea Alonzo. She's worn so many hats, but now, she's the CEO/Founder of Unfiltered Skin Essentials, she's Ms. Rina Navarro.

"Unfiltered Skin Essentials is in the skin care and wellness industry since last year. This is a partnership with other ladies, and we have skin care products manufactured and designed for Filipinos across the country. We have the "No Filter kit", a complete set of products that can address a lot of skin issues - but we have made it affordable, less complicated - and this set will do that. The pandemic is still here, but currently, we now have partners in different places like Mindanao, Leyte, QC, Taytay, Laguna, Subic, Tagaytay and Fairview +more, we also have one in Singapore. Of course, we also have our existing official sales channels on Instagram, Viber and Facebook."

She adds "I have made sure it's simple. In the past, I actually had to go to HK or elsewhere to buy stuff for my skin. But now, this one is available in the Philippines and I made sure the product of this quality, stays where people can afford it . The serum has niacinamide that protects us from bad blue light, it's like sunblock indoors (for gadgets, computers) which we have had repeat orders of. It is effective and has proven by our patrons."

"This drastically changes the look of your skin, it's better skin that remains uncomplicated. Queen of Soul Jaya started as a user and initially had lots of complaints about her skin, but now she sells it, to the point that she even now, she invested in Unfiltered Skin Essentials."

"Unfiltered Skin Essentials isn't anti filter on social media, but it's a character, it's something inside of you, the confidence that you gain and build when you use our products with or without makeup. It's not just about the name, but the mind, to embrace imperfection, it doesn't need to be perfect, or white, you embrace yourself. You can be an unfiltered woman or man, you have to take care of your skin. These have really good ingredients, safe to use, anyone can use it. The business is also run by women, lgbt, and it has been awesome so far."

She also shared some things she did in the past telling us "I started selling soap when I was in college, I got pregnant early and being a single mom, it was hard. The laboratory that I buy from then of which I get products from is the same one that produces it today. I had to make ends meet. This is my dream and I didn't want to have "what ifs" so I did what I had to do and build this brand. Unfiltered was something I wanted to do for people I know, the business helps a lot people too." 

About her achievements, she simply says "I think just to be able to raise 4 kids is already an achievement!"

About Unfiltered Skin Essentials

Current partners of this skin care and wellness brand include Ms. Luna Garcia an RN and wellness doctor who has a passion in skin care. Also, Shyr Valdez, who is an actress/artist from GMA. The pandemic was a huge challenge for the business as they just recently set up base in Mckinley (in Taguig). They had to also work from home at times and was not able to do things in the office. Operational costs also went up since they also had to spend a lot for PCR tests before work. They knew they need to keep not just themselves safe, but their workers who built this brand from ground up.



Their products:

UCLEANSE REVITALIZING FACIAL SOAP is used to clean your skin. Some suggest you use it also for your body as it will have the same results.

URENEW PORE MINIMIZING TONER Exfoliates, brightens and helps removes whiteheads, blackheads, fine lines and age spots.

UGLOW LUMINESCENCE SERUM Refines pores and lightens skin discoloration. It also help maintain collagen levels.

UREPAIR WHITENING DAY CREAM promotes the rebuilding of healthy cells and protect the skin by UV Rays and harmful blue light.

URECOVER is a night cream which micropeels so you can restore, regenerate your skin.

I asked her about its viability for men to use it for their skin. She might not be marketing it for men per se, but she says they have lots of users and clients from London, LA and other cities who are men and use it - and it is effective. In a way, one way to also measure its efficacy is feedback, which totally makes sense. She highly suggests that you all get the kit so as to get the formulas full effect. Currently, people get obsessed with the serum which has lead in sales with all their products. The No Filter Kit costs 2550 and the UCleanse soap costs 350.

I also asked about how they keep the prices down and they said, they cut costs in operations and keep packaging minimal plus collaborate with friends as suppliers so they can save a lot. I'm quite interested with the Day Cream they developed called UREPAIR to use in the morning. I think it's best to use in the tropical weather like in the Philippines. It also protects from rays, whitens skin and is anti aging. Their business model is also a direct selling business which means YOU can have the opportunity to also work with them. 



About their NGO, she says "I AM HOPE Organization is what Bea Alonzo and I started together. We had a lot of plans in business, but when we forged our friendship, lockdowns happened and we both had our marketing budget and asked her if we could use it to help fronliners. She immediately said yes and in a few months, we were able to raise 13 Million in cash and kind. That's how we got to start to help others as well."

"We are all sincere in what we do. we don't lie about it, we talk, we are guided by our heart and not just to make money, a reputable one with integrity. We want to be known for that. If we work hard, maintain and give jobs around me, they have lots of families to feed, we're okay with that. I can say when we started this, we use our heads for math, but we run it with heart as we have very qualified people making things run in the company. They are so good at what they do, and I look after them like family, like what they also do with me. It's a fun office, very fun, and we don't have to do it the corporate way. People die left and right, we don't have to be strict all the time. We also let them enjoy what they do so we can give our best for each other and the company."

It was nice to see how they have succeeded growing their business. It's also inspiring to see the process how they do things. Although I'm not familiar about how they walk in their shoes, I could see where their passion lies and how in the short span of time they've grown, they've also helped tons of people during the pandemic. Remember, and may I quote "Part of being a person is about helping others." which remains true to this day.

P.S. They will have body soap and body serum that will be launched soon. I guess it's time you try it out, go to IG account at instagram.com/unfilteredskin_main or through text/viber 09563010059 or their Facebook page at unfilteredskininc.


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