CHRIS EVANS for “Live Smarter for a Better World”

Monday, May 24, 2021

Just got off the press conference of Chris Evans. The good looking guy has been on your timeline for a couple days now, and how do you feel seeing him talking in Filipino a couple of times and asking you to “Live Smarter for a Better World”? You see, SMART Communications aim to inspire people like you to commit to personal revolutions. It's like collective action, so we live like we're not just talk.

Chris Evans is the face of this campaign. The reveal was done over Twitter the other day by MVP Group head honcho Manny Pangilinan. He also appeared in the two minute commercial directed by Pascal Heiduk who has worked with Hugh Jackman and Lewis Hamilton and did ads for BMW, Montblanc and Mercedes Benz AMG.

What's cool with this campaign is that they want you to take action on your dreams and make a positive impact to society. They want to support efforts (just like they did in the past few years) especially those which encourage innovation, sustainability and help in nation building. They don't want you to just settle for "good", they want you to do "BETTER". Isn't that awesome?

Chris has supported various social causes including A STARTING POINT (NGO helping community leaders connect with technology), also Breast Cancer Care organizations, charities and other efforts. He's just looks, he's doing something, acting on it.

Darwin Flores VP and Head for Community Partnerships Smart Communications "It is in acting locally that we change the people around us. Connecting, working together, this is why this means more to us. We recognize that life is only one, human connections can be enabled by technology, it should be for all. At Smart, we have efforts and CSR programs across the country, not just help, but livelihood programs. Tech should enable you to fulfill what is important to you, to make sure there si food on the table, livelihood not just today, but the future. This should enable learning, within and outside the classrooms, it could be anywhere anytime, like with our school in a bag that has made smart communities. Food security, we realized the importance of our farmers, if they don't plant, we don't eat. It's why we buy from our local farmers, while getting quality products for our families. Simple solutions can make a difference. We can overcome things when we act together."

Ms. Jane J. Basas the SVP and Head of Consumer Wireless Business at Smart says “This is of course a collaboration with Chris, and we know how he captivated the world not just by being a hero but also in real life as he uses his influence in making a better world for all. In support of our campaign, we hope we get to inspire people to bring out inner hero to help change the world. It can be done with one positive action at a time. Social advocacy has been in our DNA, it has been in our goal to make Filipinos be connected more than ever. This same driving force that pushed us all these years. ”

 Mr. Alfredo S. Panlilio President and CEO of Smart adds “The pandemic made us all realize that we are all connected and how our actions have broader impact. Our “Live Smarter for a Better World”  campaign aims to create that spark in everyone so we can change the world for the better. We can't settle for good. This is one of our biggest initiatives. Smart intends to inspire people, ignite passion, to empower more Filipinos in their own way, that we can make a difference."


Chris says "Start off reading. It can do a lot. It was born in recognizing that there are proliferation of fake stuff, getting the people in office to directly communicate facts rather than fiction is important. This is where "A STARTING POINT" started. I can't wait to get out there because I've heard so much about the nice beaches, can't wait to visit and say hi!"

Smart has an open invitation to come to the country and perhaps, get to look around our beautiful islands (hopefully soon). If you haven't seen it yet, go visit Smart Communications FB, Twitter and IG accounts as it is all posted there. Chris Evans, Captain America, America's... good looking guy that does it all.


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