Fix Lips with Mentholatum LipCare

Thursday, May 06, 2021

I am extremely conscious of my lips as I have had a bout of it getting so chapped a couple years ago. It's why I have this weird discoloration in the center which I don't talk about LOL. Back then, it wasn't much of a norm for men to use products but I've always been interested in what could be done to prevent it now that there are products that could help alleviate this condition.

Getting chapped lips was mostly because of dehydration, an indication that you already need water to fix those dry lips. It might have always been neglected by some, but it is essential like what you do with your skin. I'd try something good like the Mentholatum Lipcare products. There's the Therapy Lip Balm and Therapy Lip Gel which you can use to on chapped lips then it has SPF 15 on it that can protect you from bad UV rays and provide you that slight cool menthol feel which feels so good while wearing it. You can also try Lip Pure Fragrance-Free which is food grade and has several natural ingredients that can make your lips smoother, more plump looking. If you choose the Lip Pure Botanical Oils, it has 6 types of natural oil ingredients which can also do that and a little shine. For kids, you can opt to have LipIce Kids which comes in Lemon and Strawberry flavors. It makes lips soft and is safe for use by kids. If they go through the same pains you do, this would be a great thing to have for them.

Oh and before I forget, they have a 25% sale off select Mentholatum products from April 29 to May 5 at and up to 50% on May 10 to 16 at Watsons. You might want to get some of your self or your family. They're also available on Lazada and Shopee, you might want to start shopping for it here today! 


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