Before Going Out, Protect Yourself with Airqueen

Tuesday, May 04, 2021


Having been a designated "ALAY" in my home means I would be the only one to go out and buy groceries, food, medicine, government offices and other essentials during this pandemic. I strictly follow government and health agency protocols including the wearing of masks which has proven effective during the previous lock downs that the government has imposed. I choose my weapons wisely so if one of the requirements to go out is a face mask, I get the best one in the market. The most popular shopping app in the country is Shopee and Airqueen Philippines distributes quality South Korean developed washable and reusable nano-fiber filtered mask. These are commonly known as N94 or N95 masks which are primarily for good for everyday use. It's what I absolutely need because it filters out 95% of fine airborne particles and keep what I breathe in quite safe.

In South Korea, I've seen several KPOP and KDrama stars wear this Black SOOM LAB Hyper Purifying Breathing Mask. What I like about it is that, I think it's way better than the ordinary surgical mask often worn by many outside. This is designed well, provides much coverage which I'm very comfortable with to wear when I go out and do errands. You can purchase the black one here which I actually did last night so I have supplies for the next few weeks. If you prefer a white one, you can order the SOOM LAB Hyper Purifying Breathing Mask here. They also have the CleanWell KF94 Respiratory Nano Mask available in different colors here which means you can pretty much mix and match which doesn't sacrifice quality, style and for what it's worth, I look pretty good in the Red Wine color too. Best of all, they're making sweet deals of up to 72% discount on your favorite Airqueen masks this Shopee 5.5 Brands Festival (which means it's the best time to get one!).

Now I don't know about you but if cases go low on certain days we are asked to wear masks, I call it a good thing. It's not just to protect yourself, but your family, your friends, who might not have the same health condition like YOU. During these times, it pays to be considerate. We should have all the things that could protect us from the dreaded virus who has claimed the lives of millions of people. It's cool because I can get it off Shopee, so if you don't have that yet, make sure you install it from the Google Play Store or App Store.

I'm making my family protected with Airqueen today.


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