David Chua Shares Oppa Skin Care Routine

Sunday, May 16, 2021

I've seen David Chua in ABSCBN shows like Love Thy Woman, My Binondo Girl and several other movies too. He's got real acting chops, whether he plays the good guy or anti hero, anybody would admit how he looks perfect on screen. Aside from being pleasing to the eyes, I've seen him on YouTube this morning via John Fedellaga's Omegle videos. In it, he's very funny, playful, charming and quite easy to talk to.

Now what do actors like him do to get their skin like that? How do they achieve and have it clear when they have to do scenes in the wee hours of the morning and experience the stressful constraints of work? David shares "I started working in show business when I was 15 and I've had my share of horrible skin conditions because of usual puberty and sleepless nights. My management got me to a skincare clinic where I started to realize how science could help me get my skin to look fresh and supple, and look good on camera."

He says "I've observed how Korean actors have good skin. They often have less oily viands, more veggies and grilled meats. They also drink lots of tea which are rich in anti oxidants. Their climate also is quite cold and not too hot and humid like in Manila, which I think is one of the reasons why they too look fresh every day."


He's thankful that he might have shared a lot of his Mom's genes (who's Eurasian) and shared "I often use mild soap after a work out and need to freshen up. I choose specifically those that are gentler on the skin. I also use cream based makeup removers since they often use heavy make up in shows and on movies." He added "After removing makeup, I wash it away with mild soap and use a light water based moisturizer because I often get breakouts when I use heavy lotions. I make sure I also a healthy regimen, diet and exercise as it is very important. I take in lots of greens, quinoa, steamed fish, bananas, avocados and water to keep myself hydrated. I swim, box, run quite often too and make it a part of my lifestyle."

These days, the lines of skin care routine are blurred as men take strides to have their own hygiene kits. David has seen lots of other guys who even have longer skin rituals compared to women, and not surprised how there is an increase in consumption of men's skincare products. He jokes "they just wouldn't admit that!". He believes being vain and serious about skincare should not be frowned upon and says "Everyone should respect individual choices. What's important is that you're happy with that guy when you look in the mirror every morning. how you look. Your body is your decision!"

That all makes sense to me. No wonder people often compare him to Gong Yoo and Lee Min Ho!


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