ALEX GONZAGA On Being Shopee Princess

Saturday, May 08, 2021

They dub her the new Shopee princess, and the face of Shopee's Payday Sale. She's Alex Gonzaga.

Her new TVC, and digital pronouncements must have been seen already by so many people and this time we got the chance to ask her questions during a small digital meet and greet.

She says "I'm very happy to be part of the Shopee family. This brand that Filipinos trust, even I shop there every night. I'm happy and honored, my family and friends want vouchers, but I told them to wait for akinse. I guess I really loved the dance sequences I had to do during the commercial. Honestly, I couldn't believe I'd be in a roster of ambassadors that Shopee has. The campaign also is so good, I love how it connects to Filipinos and tell them the time to shop, when sweldo time happens."

"Well, these days I buy if there are deals. My husband and I now buy for two people, he asks for masks and send me the link, I am the one who checks out. I recently bought a portable sauna, nothing has changed really, it's just an extra person sending me links. Admittedly, I am a shopaholic, I always had hand me downs and cry in the mall if I don't get new things. When I started earning, I now get the chance to buy stuff but my Mom still questions me as she manages my finances. Now, I don't have to go to malls like when I was in college. Next week, I'll be doing a locked in shooting for Tin Can and Ten17 for a new movie, and last year, I did one with my sister and Fifth Solomon (for MMFF last year) and of course Lunch Out Loud wherein Shopee is part of. On my vlogs, I'll be doing collaborations and cook with other vloggers so watch out for that. I love locked in tapings, and they're doing things in Lipa so I get to see my husband everyday still. He's been so supportive, every time I have things arranged in my movie."

"My budol find is the portable sauna, he didn't want me to have a steamer so he suggested to have this instead and buy me 10 if I needed it. Aside from that, I have 10 little black dresses which I buy from there. The tongue prank I did, I got that from the Shopee app. I just search and it appears! I'd buy stuff for Xevi, I buy things like the Titanic like boat which my Dad paid for. He spoils him in secret."

"Happy Cup at home is also in Shopee so if you're buying stuff, we're also there."

Congratulations Alex and Shopee! Hope we see you in future akinse promos!


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