Tech Accesory Brand VERTUX Now in the Philippines

Monday, May 24, 2021

Looks like we now have choices as far as computer accessories are concerned in the country as Dubai based gaming peripheral manufacturer finally stepped into Philippine shores today. Their design aesthetic is different, which is cool in my books and the devices are actually affordable. This is what they want to happen in the country, for you to get your desired keyboard, mice, headphones, cooling pads and headphone stands without actually breaking the bank. 

Vertux Philippines Country Manager Dimple Condes says “We want Vertux to elevate the experience of every Filipino gamer. We want to bring to the country accessories that last, and ones that are affordable so we could add value to consumers hard-earned money.  Right now, we have extended warranty for two years on all our devices.”

Currently, they have the Vertux Tantalum which is a high-performing mechanical keyboard, they also have Vertux Tungsten, Vertux RaidKey, which changes colors, but performs quite nice in gaming sessions. If you also prefer, there's the Vertux Vendetta which is a keyboard-mouse pack, it also has macro keys which you can program so you get to play without worrying what buttons to press and are comfortable with. They also have the Vertux Cobalt, Vertux Dominator and Drago, Vertux Sensei and the Vertux Glider if you prefer wired and wireless mice. Aside from that, you can up your game with the Vertex FluxPad which makes sliding off mousepads even better. They also have the Vertux Havana (which are high density speakers), Vertux Denali (a one touch mic) or the smaller form Vertux Malaga and Manila so you have awesome sound quality while playing. Or if you're a little too shy, get the Vertux Extent which is a headset, so those footsteps get heard well in the most crucial games.

If you want something fancy, get the Vertux Rumba wireless speakers if you're frequently outdoors since it is water resistant. Get teh other Vertux SonicThunder-50 if you prefer something that has subwoofers in a more cinematic/immersive setup. If it's too hot, get the Vertux Glare as this cooling pad would get your laptop in a safe temperature. Pretty good selections no?

If you want to check out these devices, you may visit Lazada, Zalora and the Grab app. You can also check for their complete line or Viber, FB or IG account so you get discounts every now and then.

Can't wait to try these out soon!


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