Beko Keeps Produce FRESH LONGER with HarvestFresh Technology

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Have you every been in a market? You do buy fresh fruits and vegetables right? But do you know how fresh it really is? Did you know that these fruits and vegetables lost 30 percent of its nutrients while you keep them in the fridge? Well here's good news, BEKO has HarvestFresh Technology.

HarvestFresh Technology has a 3 way light technology that simulates light conditions (sun cycle) in the crisper, blue for 4 hours, green for 2 hours, red light for 6 hours and darkness for 12 hours. This led light technology can preserve vitamin content during refrigeration, even produce more of it in the process. The ideal humidity keeps it fresh much longer. You get to have a compressor that is 4x quieter and is available in sizes 12 cu ft or 14.4 cu ft.

This has been in their fridges for almost two years already and it has been something that makes their refrigerators different from the rest of the ones available in the market. It saves a lot of energy, does less consumption, LED doesn't also spend much so you get your produce taken cared of while saving a lot. I asked about the light technology and they assured that it has passed their internal RnD and standards in Europe and Asia for safety. Before they do come out with these appliances, they have already tested it on their end. Beko Refrigerators cost not that much, they have entered the market as a newbie so they approach this as a less premium but more quality brand in the market. They want the Filipino consumer to afford it, they are aware of their consumers budget these days hence the current prices of their products. 4 Models are available and their prices cost 12cu ft silver Php 28,990, dark 33,590, 14.4cu ft Dark 35,590 glass finish 37,990.


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