realme Launches realme C25, realme Buds Air 2 and realme Buds Air 2 Neo

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Today is an awesome day to get you some really good things from realme. They've recently expanded their iot devices and never stopped coming out with the best phones. They have entry level and mid range ones that can battle the best of the best flagship phones from other brands. I personally am using the realme 6i to edit and shoot videos so I can really attest to it. Aside from that, they're going to launch 2 more audio devices. Let's start with a cool phone the realme C25, the lovely realme Buds Air 2 (which they worked with The Chainsmokers too) and the new realme Buds Neo for those who want to play all day.

Eason De Guzman of realme Philippines says "For more than a year, we are under quarantine and our brand has flourished still in the past few months. The past three weeks has been rough for all of us, but we still want to give our best for the community of realme smartphone users in the country. After launching the Narz 30 a couple weeks ago, and a few partnerships too. This is all for the community of realme and this support we get from them, we want to give our best for our consumers, to be part of this, to become the best lifestyle brand in the country. We are presenting to you the realme C25, realme Buds Air 2 and the realme Buds Air 2 Neo. We believe everyone will survive this pandemic, we are now offering affordable smartphones that will last long. We are also introducing two audio devices, one for music and one for general all day use. Despite of the challenges, we were able to do something creative, we are happy to do it despite being isolated at home. In the near future, we hope to see you all."

realme TechLife: realme C25


Your smartphone is not just a communicating device, the realme C25 is avaialble in Water Blue and Water Grey. It is patterned with the design of the C11 which is one of our best selling ones, it has a 48MP, more in our C series. A B and W lens, a main camera and a macro lens. This does slow mo, 1080P recording,Fast Focus, Chroma Boose, HDR and Portrait Mode. You need a smartphone that can take great photos, if you are selling products, doing business, this can do that. It has a 6.5 Large display, 3 card slots and good geometric design. This has a high quality battery, with a 6000mAh battery you can call for 43.17 calls, do 9 hours+ of Mobile Legends or 25 hours of YouTube. It has Multiple Battery Optimization, which can save you more power while using the device. This is also the first to have realme ui 2.0 out of the box which is based on Android 11 OS. There is a lot of personalization, seamless in use and has high quality parts. Despite being a young brand in the country, they assure to deliver smartphones that have been certified TUVRheinland, this is the world's first smartphone with a high reliability certification. It has been tested in different environments, drops, materials and tested with standards to make sure you get the best in class. This has flagship level durability. realme has 12 service centers nationwide and are continously growing. This is a good piece of hardware for work, school and everyday life.

realme Buds Air 2

The realme Buds Air 2 is upgraded all around from its predecessor. It looks premium, not easy to stain and doesn't slip easily when worn. It's available in Closer White and Closer Black. It has active noise cancellation of 25db. Your aircon, traffic, planes, it can do without that now with the Buds Air 2. Holding on your earphones 2-3 seconds can switch it to transparency mode so you can hear everything. This has an R2 chip that can do these things, so this realme Buds Air 2 is quite special. It can do 25 hours of playback and lower 88ms Super Low Latency. It is also based on the design they made previously like a pebble (Hermes) but this one is a bit longer I think.

realme Music Studio x The Chainsmokers

This is the handy work of the band with the brand. It uses 10mm diamond class hifi driver, so you can listen to high quality sound. Th device also has bass boost plus and dynamic mode so you can listen to podcasts and music differently. The Chainsmokers have tons of hits, they are one of the most respected DJ's in the world and realme feels they are the perfect pair.

realme Buds Air 2 Neo

The realme Buds Air 2 Neo has a different design. It has the same look as the realme Buds Q, comes in colors Calm Grey and Active Black. It has dual mic noise cancellation for calls like the realme Buds Air 2, it also has transparency mode if you need to. It also carries an R2 chip so it can do all those features. They also upgraded the battery life, this can last up to 28 hours of playtime (20 if anc is enabled). Both have intelligent touch controls on it and is IPX5 compliant. Now you have 2 options to level up your music experience, you can get sound quality that is premium without hurting your wallet. Everyone deserves Active Noise Cancelling feature, so they gave that on both models. Both devices are compatible with Google Fast Pair Service, so when I opened the BT of my realme 6i, it automatically suggested to connect to it. 

To get you going in your audio gear shopping, the realme Buds Air 2 costs Php3,990, but they've got a sale price on Shopee and free shipping happening tomorrow April 16, until April 18. The discounted price would be Php 2,990. I used it today and honestly, it's clear, the sound won't be the kind where its muffled which would be good if you're listening calls, playing games, or just about any audio junkie's favorite thing to do, listen to hours of music!

I really dig the realme Buds Air 2 which I got to try the whole week, here's our unboxing video for it, so enjoy!

Again, for those who would want to have noise off and have the realme Buds Air 2, go get them now on online stores for Php 3,990. It's got premium sound without breaking the bank! The realme C25 costs Php 7,490 but during the sale, it costs Php 5,990. Go get it early!


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