Home Foodie Starts Season 5 on GMA

Friday, May 31, 2019

Yes! Would you believe? It’s their 5th season and nobody’s getting old. This is hosted by husband and wife team Drew Arelllano and Iya Villania with Chefs Martin Narisima, John Valley and Llena Tan-Arenas. This year though they are making headway with easy to prepare meals because it’s #Madalicious and #Affordalicious!

The twist is, they’re going to be cooking outside. You’ll get to see locations like the Sierra Madre mountains as their backdrop. Drew Arellano will also get to talk to people around the city, they get to taste their dishes and perhaps let them taste what they prepared on the show.

Iya says “All these recipes are made by the Chefs who will also be with us in this show. I happened to see myself more in the kitchen because Primo wants to be there too. I thought I wouldn’t have time but if it’s what he wants, we have to be there too.”

Drew adds “I am a home foodie, I am not the type who would eat something just to get by, it needs to be creative, it doesn’t have to be expensive, just explore and experiment, I need to be happy when I finish eating because after a hard days work, it is what you look forward to when you go home.”

Home Foodie is going to be seen every weekday mornings (starts June 10, 2019) right after morning show Unang Hirit on GMA. Make sure to catch them and get those kids nutritious, easy to prepare delicious food on their table or their baon to school. You may also check their recipes at homefoodie.com or their Youtube, FB, Instagram and Twitter accounts. Just search for Home Foodie PH.

They might feature Creamy Pork BBQ Pasta, Sisig Fried Rice, Chicken and Mussels Paella, Chili Chicken, Tokwa and TJ, Home made Burgers, Cookies and Cream Polvoron and several desserts! Meats are from Monterey and Magnolia, plus more products from San Miguel Purefoods.

Let’s get cookin!

I super love the Sisig Rice!


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