Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Even though I kinda know Derek Ramsay because of his shows, I don’t quite know him as a person. I guess he’s good keeping his private life intact, and I wouldn’t blame him. Showbiz is toxic sometimes and the less people know about you, the less stress you get. He recently transferred to GMA and yes, he’s got an upcoming show in the kapuso network. A few days ago, he was tasked to be the man at ARTISTAKEOVER, an IGTV and social media initiative of GMA so he could share more of his life with his fans.

This was a bit personal, as he shares more of his life, his home, and his fur babies. He also talked about his everyday regimen, his workouts and how he keeps that Derek Ramsay body in shape. He also relaxes, takes us around some of his favorite places and gives us a behind the scenes look of the photos published online. I like the part when he talks like a friend, no fuzz, just human. Like a normal Derek Ramsay.

You may see these posts all on GMA’s IGTV coverage here and if you wanna know more about this hunk, watch it today!


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