Joyce Pring Launches Single "BAKA SAKALI"

Friday, May 03, 2019

If you were at Museo de Padilla today, you would have been floored to see how grand the celebration was for Joyce Pring’s album launch entitled BAKA SAKALI. Almost everyone who became a part of Joyce Pring’s success, her management, GMA’s head honchos, Mariel Padilla and Vidanes executives were all there to see how she’s doing it.

Joyce came out, said hi to everyone and was pitched to perform first. She said “I am so overwhelmed seeing you all guys, Baka Sakali is now out so go search and download it off streaming sites. When you feel you’ve given hope on love, you deserve to try it again. May I request everyone to stop recording videos as I’ll be performing this live.” and so we did.

Honestly, this is my first time listening to her sing. It was both entertaining, sincere, she sounds like she’s been doing this for years. She adds “I was very nervous but I’m sincerely happy to be able to sing my own song. The perks are, when I sing my own song nobody would even know when I make a mistake. We have all been jaded by love, but the people, the work, I didn’t want to take chances anymore but late last year, someone tried. Looks like now, it is working. The song is about new beginnings, to give yourself the chance to hope again. When you hide under rugs, give somebody a chance. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever done in my life. Rico Blanco and I have been friends, I meet him often and hang out and he consistently told me to take it out there, to collaborate with him, I only had lyrics and melody but Rico helped me make it happen. You can now download it on streaming sites. I have written a lot of songs but I have some that are very sad. That to me is very personal so I don’t think I actually have the courage to share that yet. When you’re in love though, that seems to be a little happy so it’s okay if you’re giving people inspiration to give hope, love like a second wind. I don’t think it’s just love because if you have a person beside you who helps you without asking anything in return, then you’ll do good. I want to focus on hosting and singing this year, I have a lot of songs in the lineup but I’m not ready to put out heartbreaks, maybe if some of the clashers would get to sing it, I’d love to work with Christian Bautista and Julie Anne San Jose. I hope to release more songs in the future, a concert, it is in my bucket list, but now we have to do this first. Thank you so much, my birthday is in just a couple of minutes, this is just an amazing evening, God is so good!

Go download it off Spotify and other streaming sites. Tag her on social media so she knows who’s listening. I heard the song this evening, I like what it stands for, and she sounds so inlove!

Congratulations Joyce and happy birthday dear! 


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