Are You Team Daniel? Or Team James?

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Are you Team Daniel? Or Team James?

Well... You shouldn't have to choose. You see, both these guys have their own star quality, Daniel is a crooner, James is an RnB sensation, they are both great actors, they have really good successful shows, have the love of their lives beside them and yes, they're both darn good looking. I'm a fan of both of these guys and it shouldn't be an issue.

Now the dilemma might be your preference about the drinks they endorse, Daniel has Pepsi, while James has Mountain Dew. The former has deep rich cola taste while the other has a lime fresh fizz on it, both drinks are staple in Filipino lunch and snack tables, the brands probably knew it would be a better idea to put them together and let you decide what's better.

In the past weeks, everyone was guessing if this was a new movie, a new TV show or a commercial, they heard you and did history in front of your eyes. These are good lads and they haven't worked together aside from their TV guestings, but to make you aware, they've got a new commercial out for the Doble Hataw promo. In the shoot, Daniel drove a sports car while James drove a Pickup Truck, they love em both and even got the chance to drift it. The shoot was fun and chill, so in a sense a very memorable one to be in this project.

If you like one or both these guys, go buy specially marked bottle caps and labels and send details as accorded by the instructions through text or Facebook Messenger and you could win 3 brand new Sports Cars or 3 brand new Pickup Trucks plus millions worth of prizes including smartphones, mobile data and drink vouchers. 

Now isn't it good to choose both of them? :)


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