Pine-Sol Cleaning Dance Challenge with Dimples Romana

Monday, May 27, 2019

The doers and those who do not, those are the two types of people.

Today was a fun afternoon, people who clean their house and those who don’t came together in Makati City for the event of Pine-Sol, from the same people who also Chlorox

Pine Sol doers get the job done. Doing things your way and not telling you how you should clean, they believe it should be a little you, a little Pine-Sol and a little effort, it’s your way.

They are a 90 year old brand and they are the most trusted multi purpose cleaner that removes dirt, deodorizes and its straight forward. You can use it on your kitchen counters, bathroom, even if you don’t have the luxury of time. This is what they promise with their brand.

This is why they are bringing the PINE SOL CLEANING DANCE CHALLENGE so YOU could win exciting prizes like a Bose Bluetooth Bucket Speaker, Bose Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers and Wireless Earphones. They will also award the 10 entries with the most likes and shares on social media.

Ms. Dimples Romana, actress and Kadenang Ginto villain says “I know a lot of moms and dads love to clean their home with a brand that is credible, Pine Sol is the way to do that and I hope you all join the Pine Sol dance contest! This reminds me of my roots, when I clean and until today, something that I do on a regular basis so I could do chores without much effort. Even I was busy, find you center and clean your house, dance with your kids while doing it. Even after a few days, my room still smells the same and it’s a good thing. I am a schedule freak, I write it down and if you want your kids to know the basics, this would make them round, do small household chores, it teaches responsibility.”

Now go clean your home, it’s the best gift to self!


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