ASEAN Pushing for One Professional Per Family

Saturday, May 04, 2019

Got to sit down with some enthusiastic people behind the ASEAN Partylist. By name association, I’d be thinking they would be gearing more into pushing for ASEAN integration, but not solely, they apparently are also pushing and supporting it. But it isn’t something they are concentrating on because there are a lot in their policies that they’d want to implement. What is refreshing though is that none of them are politicians, mostly made of professionals, a factor that they have also been proud of. They want to also push for policies that would help to get one person in your family to become a professional. Sounds good no?

Their way of achieving this is by giving Access to education. They also want to bring wifi access to schools. This would also be possible if there are Scholarships, subsidies and support for reviewees, students and educators which they want to help. They are also gunning for more Employment opportunities, have ease of doing business in every city, have plans of OFW re-integration. They don’t want anything to do with corruption, red tape, have accountability in every government office. They want every Filipino to be a part of nation building, which is why they made their lineup more of CPA’s, Deans, Educators, Practitioners and HR Professionals. They are also headed by Win Ballada, an author of several #MadeEasy books, board topnotcher CPA, and also has an MBA. Second in line is Dr. Roberto Gonzales and Dr. Christopher Biore who are also CPA’s and got MBA’s.

They want to also propose laws that if enacted would have support needed to gain one person per family to have professional work. They also want to push for legislation made to enhance public libraries, OFW Cheaper Remittance, student adoption, fix Magna Carta for CPA’s in government service, salary upgrade for educators, help people going through graduate studies, and a whole lot more. You may check these on detail via and

Win quirps “Education is indeed the greatest leveler. We should invest in education, put people in government with the right education and moral integrity.”

“Last elections we ranked 68th out of 115 but only 58 seats were available. We represented the youth and professionals. We are in so much in our sector which is the academe. One professional in one family, we wish to prioritize education. We are lagging in educational investment, we have a long way to go and more of our population have never event set foot in college. We wish to identify the poorest of the poor, if they don’t get someone to study in a state university or college, it will be hard for them to get a job and provide for their family. If they are given priority, they would have options. We believe that if there would be one son or daughter to do this, they would be able to uplift the lives of their whole family. If not for scholarships, I would not have even been able to graduate. My Mom said I wouldn’t be able to study back then, I approached my classmates, I survived getting shared food from the food of my friends, I also asked for money. But it can only do much, until I found a scholarship posted on a newspaper. Through the Go Kim Pah Grant, I was able to tell them my story and they gave me one because I asked for it, I assured them I wouldn’t fail them, I blurted out I will top the board exams, I promised them that, ended up over achieving and got 2nd place in the CPA board. I told God I would share and pay it forward. I have the story up on my Facebook page who I hope would be inspired by my story. Those who have limited opportunities, to be part of the policy making process and help a lot more people. When my mates and I talk, we ask ourselves how to fight dynasties and businesses associated with partylist groups. Nobody outside our circle supported us, simply because we didn’t have the funds, hopefully id we share our story, they will be able to understand and trust us as academicians. In fact I tell students how our currency is our reputation. One thing I can promise is that I would be the same person, to be one of you, to work for the things I know and share it with you.”

Now I’m in no way endorsing them, they are giving you a choice to fill that one blank space in the partylist line on your ballot. You should make sure they are capable, honest and one that would push more for the cause you believe in because if you remember, the partylist system was made to represent unheard sectors of society. If they answer your questions well, choose them for their merits.


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