The Launch of GCASH for Good

Friday, May 24, 2019

GCASH For Good just launched today. It’s a CSR work by the same people behind GCASH and their partner non governmental organizations. Since the platform has free transactions, taking advantage of the cashless system to transfer funds to help different advocacies will be easier now. YOU can use it to help those in need.

Ney Villasenor, MYNT’s Vice President and Group Head says “We have 35 willing enterprises. We are the number one mobile wallet in the country today. Send money, buy food, at the heart of what we do is we are safe, secure and reliable. Now we have a chance to use the app to empower people and do good. Now it’s easy, everybody wants to be part of something bigger than their everyday lives. We have well meaning organizations that can be brought together, in environment, education, children's rights, just about any charity organization to use GCASH FOR GOOD. Later on you will see stories, who in their own little way can use it for good, you all tell us how to do it, we are appealing for Filipinos to do more. When you buy medicine, there are people who could help, if you have GCredit, it’s easier for you to do that. It’s a true story, we welcome you to join us and make this a reality, we believe GCASH can be used for good.”

Ms Mabs Niala, MYNT’s Sustainability Head says “All our programs and activities are geared towards a sustainable nation. We encourage generosity that will allow people to give, a community of do gooders, an easy job for us. Join us in GCASH for Good, all our partner NGO’s have their advocacies and we can be enablers. With your help, the power of good prevails.”

Currently, they have ABSCBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation, ECHOsi Foundation (social enterprises), Caritas Manila (Catholic Charities), WWF Philippines (Wildlife and Nature Conservation), Hero Foundation (For Soldiers and their families scholarship), Alagang Kapatid Foundation (TV5’s CSR Arm), Animal Kingdom Foundation (Animal welfare), Benilde SDEAS (Deaf student scholarships), BIOFIN (for nature biodiversity), Segunda Mana (social service), Childrens Hour Philippines Foundation (child welfare), Fishers and Changemakers (fishing social enterprise), Daluhay Daloy ng Buhay Inc. ( nature and agricultural foundation), Great Women (women empowerment), Hope Foundation (education and classrooms), House Foundation (sustainable enterprise), ILOVE Foundation (Gina Lopez), Kythe Foundation (for hospitalized children), Mindoro Biodiversity Conservation Foundation (biodiversity in Mindoro Island), Philippine Dogs and Cats Rescuers Association Inc. (Animal welfare), Pusod Inc (marine, water ecosystem conservation), Saret Organic Farmville (indigenous tribe farming), ICanServe Foundation (early detection and breast cancer causes), Haribon Foundation (habitat and wildlife conservation), PHAPCares Foundation Inc. (Pharmaceutical and Healthcare org), Save the Children (Childrens org), The Philippine Red Cross and a whole lot more soon!

Since the app is online, any individual capable of using the app for their transactions (in any age too) can now help agencies involved in education in depressed areas, animal welfare, kids with special needs, cleanup activities, civil society and people organizations of which they showed videos during the event. It’s an opportunity for you to also be socially responsible too. Filipinos can now donate, give and care for the advocacies of their choice. The app is going to send money, send money to accounts, as quick as sending an sms and you can join the movement by downloading the app today.


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