GTalks All About Biodiversity

Friday, May 10, 2019

Organizations that care for the planet got us listening through GTalks, a “Tambayan” type event hosted by Mynt and the people behind GCash.

WWF, the worldwide fund for nature Philippines has been implementing various conservation projects in the country involved in crafting solutions in climate change and natural disasters. They operate in over 100 countries supporting almost 5 Million people worldwide but are doing significant work here.

BIOFIN on the other hand (Biodiversity Finance Initiative Philippines) also introduced themselves as a heavily involved in a project involving 35 other countries identifying biodiversity plan implementation and figure out financing for it. They identify finance solutions, raising new money, aligning resources, preventing future costs and improve delivery of finance. This is for programs that contribute to biodiversity. They do convergence programs so either public or private entities get to partner up and maximize their resources.

Gene, Species and Ecosystem was also explained by a young lady from DENR. She hailed the country as a Mega Biodiversity site and is unique, at par with countries like Brazil, US and Australia.

Lots of our animal species are endemic and some are critically endangered. It made us think about what else we can do to help for this not to happen.

The lack of awareness is also not helping, the country is beautiful but if we do not practice use of resources responsibly, we’re all doomed!

GCASH will also be launching a CSR project called GCASH For Good next month, to address how everyone can help in this day and age. Even if you are busy are work, taking care of your family, you would have ways to help impact communities and organizations by individually helping them.

We all can make a difference.


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