RATED KORINA Teases Season 2

Friday, June 18, 2021

We miss her dearly, and her stories, but she's not about to let out soon as Ms. Korina Sanchez-Roxas takes you on another season of RATED KORINA. She took a month long break but recently, she teased us with a fun, fresher theme for their second season on Facebook.

Obviously, you could see how excited she is and remarks how she misses us, and wants to tell more stories. Thing is, you will be able to watch the show on SATURDAY and SUNDAYS starting June 19, 2021 and the weekends thereafter. RATED KORINA will be shown on primetime via A2Z (Saturday 6-7PM), on TV5 (Sundays at 10-11PM), at the Kapamilya Channel (Saturday 10-11PM) and on OnePH on Sundays 7-8PM. It will also be seen internationally via ABS-CBN's international channels through TFC and on digital via iWantTFC.

The show will be featuring more of the country's hottest trending issues, discussing most of it with the Filipino viewer in mind in story formats that touches the hearts of many. Donning a fitter figure, she continues to travel across the country with the whole RATED KORINA team to search for touching and inspirational stories that you would enjoy in a full hour.

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Ms. Korina says "I guess the short respite was a good time to reassess things and look at it with fresh eyes. We streamlined our production process and made it to get in touch with the pulse of the people and find stories that are fresh, relevant in these times. We can't stay in cookie cutter ideas, I've got a team that's more adventurous, and attuned to trends."

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Episodes this week include an in depth look on pageantry and how we've become a force to reckon with in the international arena. They'll also take a few shots on several local pageants and talk with recent queens who made a mark for the country.

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It's also Jose Rizal's 160th birthday, so a tell all of his life, a showcase of artifacts and mementos will also be featured. Stories will be sourced from scholars, and museums from different places in the Philippines. Aside from that, they'll be featuring cities that have begun opening up their doors to tourism and let us see world class spots that people should look forward to visiting once things go normal this side of the world. Of course, you'll be front and center to Handog Tsinelas efforts and food relief campaigns that RATED KORINA will continue, definitely.

This show RATED KORINA is produced by Brightlight Productions under the Benitez group.


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