Top 5 Getaway Hotels that Run on Eco-Friendly Concepts

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Travelers are becoming much more conscious of the environmental effect of their vacations, which is increasing the demand for eco-friendly hotels and activities especially in Asia countries such as Thailand, the Philippines, and more. Thankfully, in recent years, the world has experienced an increase in sustainable travel alternatives and experiences. Most of the hotels all around the world such as in Thailand and the United States are making attempts to be more environmentally friendly. There seems to be an infinite number of choices for properties to decrease their environmental effect, ranging from using less water to building using sustainable materials.

The list that you are going to see below is the hotel that is practicing the eco-friendly theme in their hotel or resort.

1.Qi Palawan Boutique Resort, Palawan

Qi Palawan's concept has always emphasized sustainability. The resort was created with fuel efficiency and sustainability in thought, making use of bamboo, a fast-growing tree that doesn't require pesticides, as well as 100 percent local labor and materials.

Just like a few hotels in Vietnam, Qi Palawan has fulfilled its aim of becoming a genuine eco-resort over the previous year by adding 40 KwH of solar panels and 128 KwH of batteries, enough to give this boutique resort 100% electricity even during high occupancy seasons. Furthermore, Qi Palawan does not offer plastic bottles, has almost abolished the usage of plastic bags, using locally sourced utilities, and offers environmentally safe sunscreen for its island hopping and diving tours.

2. Cabins Hotel, Tagaytay 

Biophilic design ideas were being used at Cabins to integrate nature into the interiors by recognizing natural airflow and illumination. Solar electricity is also used throughout the hotel, while rainwater collection is used for cleaning and gardening.

What differentiates Cabins is that most of its structure is constructed of recyclable materials, including handmade tiles and sustainable wood for the exterior and sustainable pinewood for the mattresses in all 16 of its rooms. Cabins by Eco Hotels in Tagaytay give visitors a one-of-a-kind staycation experience in any of its 16 rooms, which are believed to be inspired by cruise ship cabins. Although much of the interior and furnishings are constructed of recycled and recycled materials.

3. Chewton Glen, Hampshire 

Chewton Glen is located in the English countryside, close to the New Forest National Park and the Solent shoreline, and is just two hours by rail from London. The estate currently features 14 eco-friendly Treehouse Suites scattered across 130 miles of land, gardens, and parkland.
These suites are built several feet above the ground, overlook the New Forest National Park, and have air-source heat pumps, solar panels, low-energy lighting, and rainwater collection. The site also has 50 active bee colonies of "extremely well-behaved bees" on the ground. There is also a Walled Kitchen Garden and Nursery, which supplies fresh fruits and vegetables from the surrounding area.

4. Garonga Safari Camp, Limpopo  

Adventure seekers may stay at the Garonga Safari Camp, which is spread on 54,363 acres in the Greater Makalali Pidwa Private Nature Reserve in the heart of the African wilderness. The region is home to wild creatures such as elephants, lions, rhinos, cheetahs, and leopards, making it the ideal wildlife getaway. Six deluxe tents with individual decks and spectacular views of the region are available at the camp.

The Garonga Safari Camp looks to the sun for electricity and uses solar energy to meet 30% of its electric demands. To reduce their carbon footprint in the wild, they've also installed a heating pump system, water purification, a vegetable garden, and a biogas system.

5. h2hotel, Healdsburg 

The h2hotel is tucked away at the heart of Sonoma Wine Country and provides 36 eco-chic accommodations. They have covered their roof with solar panels to power the facility, which heats the swimming pool and the water in the hotel rooms.

They've also built an EcoSpace elevator, which consumes 60% less power than standard elevators. When attempting to reduce energy usage, even the windows were taken into account. The windows of H2hotel feature twin panes to minimize heat, and the window blinds are cradle-to-cradle approved.


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