Proptech Platform Ohmyhome Gives Tips on Finding A Good Home

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Looking for a perfect home is a daunting task. If you were to ask me ages ago, I wouldn't be able to tell you how. Property platform Ohmyhome has been in the business for so long and here, they share some sensible tips on what to actually look for if you're trying to find a good home for you and your family. I bet, you'll say this is absolutely reasonable... and it is, a good thing.

1. Choose the Right Location

You need to look for the perfect place to call home. You have to make sure it is accessible (have ample amount of public transport), you can walk to and from the market, and not prone to floods (which a lot of people find out months later). Aside from that, ask about its proximity to fault lines because it might not be good to put up structures. You should also look out for future projects around the area that can generate jobs, schools where your kids/future kids would be able to go to, and even churches, hospitals, supermarkets so life can be easier. 

2. Know the Property Type

There are End Users, and there are Investors. If you plan to live in it, know what fits your lifestyle. End Users also tend to think more about whether you would be better in the city or the more quiet suburbs. What amenities are available? Do you want green spaces? How near is it in things you need? Some investors on the other hand think more about what would be beneficial for you in the long run, like if you want to rent out the property for a long time and have a revenue stream from it. You can find both in the Ohmyhome platform which can minimize effort, as it does the searching for you with their partner developers and real estate firms.

 3. Understand Your Financial Choices

Thinking of how to purchase a home takes time. In a real estate market, if you wait too long, property prices increase as development in the area happens. Real Estate prices appreciate over time and the wait won't help, acting on the right moment is crucial. Ohmyhome has Property Consultants that can help you decide and choose your financial options so you could buy and pay for the property over a number of years. They can help you understand (make sense) and know how you can purchase it in your capacity and choose the best one for you.

4. The Full Costs of a Home

The costs of purchasing a home isn't just the list price, there are tons of other things you need to consider aside from that. The other expenses include the Documentary Stamp Tax (1.5% of actual sale price), Transfer Tax (the cost of changing ownership is dependent on zones, market value, else 0.5%-0.75% of property value), Title Registration Fee (0.25% of price), attorney's fees if applicable. Ohmyhome Property Consultants know this by heart and with their experience in real estate processes, it'll be easier to understand what needs to be paid for on day 1.

 5. Work with the Right Agent

Ohmyhome has got Relationship Managers that evaluate what you need before being attended to by Property Consultants so you get the right person to work with. They take into consideration what you as a homeowner need and what your aspirations are. They research and canvass things for you so you have options, make a choice, document everything before closing a deal. If you wish to consult one today, you may start here.

It can be easy, you just have to talk to reliable people which Ohmyhome offers. They have an app available on the Google Play Store and also their website if you're looking for that perfect home.


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