UNIQLO Works with Aussie Print Designer Cassie Byrnes

Wednesday, June 02, 2021

Oz Oz Oz! Oi Oi Oi! This is one way they say it in Australia but this time, they're taking it to clothing as fashion brand UNIQLO will launch a new collection as they work with Aussie print genius Cassie Byrnes. Known for her bold prints and superb colorful work inspired by Australia's flora and fauna.

All of these are prints that have been made especially designed for Uniqlo and they've really made good decisions to put it all on shirts and shorts. It's her first time to work with the global brand and she says "These designs are very personal to me and it has been something that I've represented with different times in my life. I've been in the design practice for over 6 years and was inspired by the prehistoric landscape of Australia, particularly the age of Gondwana which happened millions of years ago." This collection includes Sugarbush, Mesozoic Garden, Souvenir print, Lotte print, and the same ones in girls dresses. Sickening no?

I could see how this would work with Moms and daughters who would love to either pair up, or mix and match with Byrnes work. It's vivid, bold and definitely something attractive to wear on a summer day! Catch these items in all Uniqlo stores starting June 7, 2021.


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